Monday, October 17, 2011

A what?

We were all sitting around the dinner table tonight and Hubby asked me about the Smart Boards they have at Sunshine's school.  He said he had wished he'd asked her teacher about them at the parent/teacher conferences.  He asked me a question about it, not quite sure what it is anymore, and I know I answered that I have no clue, I'm not even sure what a Smart Board is much less how it works.  So Hubby asks Sunshine.  This gets her going, please picture her with her arms going in Italian speed (something she definitely picked up from me).

"Well.  There's this board, and it has this thing with it.  You can't write on it but the teacher can write on the other thing.  And it doesn't have markers, it only has special tools and we're not able to do it.  And then Miss Z. writes a letter or number up there and we have to figure out what it is.  That's how it works!"

I was ready to stop with the questions, but Hubby tried again, "Do you know how they erase the stuff off of it?  Is there a special eraser?"

"Uuummm, no."

Hubby has no realized that he is not going to get the answers that he wanted from our 5 year old.  He said that he thinks they had one at college, but it would have only been in the big lecture halls.  I said I wasn't sure at all, maybe in the lecture halls, but I wasn't sure although I wasn't paying attention.

Sunshine is obviously confused.  "Mommy did they have Smart Boards when you were in kindergarten?"

"No, they didn't even have computers when I was in kindergarten."

Her mouth physically drops open and she asks, "Well what did they use?"

"A chalkboard."

"A chalkboard?  What's that?"

"It's a big board that would be as long as the wall and you write on it with chalk."

"Then how do you erase it?"

"With a chalkboard eraser."

I never, ever, ever thought I'd have to explain a chalkboard to my child.  Ever.  The funny thing is, the whole Smart Board conversation originally started from me telling my husband about how we always thought it was a privilege to take the erasers outside and bang them together to get the excess chalk dust off of them.

What's a chalkboard.  Now that's a keeper.



  1. You really don't know what a smart board is? Google it, Vicky. Geesh. It's like a projector for the next generation.

  2. Well I kind of do. It sounds like you just said a projector thingy though. I couldn't explain it to her though, I don't know enough to answer her 1,000 questions on it.