Friday, October 14, 2011

Marketing and advertising

We generally watch PBS.  We have the rare show that isn't on PBS that we watch that is on some other non-kid related station.  Sunshine was addicted to Jeff Corwin on Animal Planet for the longest time and we will watch other shows on Animal Planet.  Shows that are kid friendly but not specifically geared towards kids.  A while back, Hubby bought a Scooby Doo DVD.  TV shows on DVD rock, no commercials and they're still the same amount of time.  They now know what Scooby Doo is and have decided they like it, they also know what they are seeing when I scroll through the TV guide on our DVR.  The one day I folded and let them watch it on tv (I don't know if it was on Cartoon Network or what) and it was the worst television watching mistake I've made since Calliou.

Commercials every 2 minutes and they repeat the commercial from one break to the next.  Everything looks so like much fun, they are all things that you never knew you needed.  I hear both of the kids saying, "Ooh, I want that!" and "Mommy, can I have that?"  Monkey said it about everything, he should be easy to shop for this Christmas.  Sunshine insists that those walkie talkies are the absolute best idea she's seen.

A week later, the Toys R Us ad comes in the mail.  Sunshine is looking at it and announces that she wants this toy.  I've never seen it or heard of it and as far as I know, the friends' houses she's gone to don't have it either.  I ask her why she wants it and she replies, "Well they showed it on Scooby Doo and now I want it!"  Wow!  If I ever wondered if commercials worked, she answered it!  It appears it does and easily.


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