Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy birthday!

It's been 3 days now and my baby is 1 year old.  AAAHHHH!!!  He was such a good boy for his birthday party.  He woke up a 1/2 hour early from his nap and was ready and rearin' to go.  Smiles aplenty and happy to see everyone.  He was a bit overwhelmed for about 2 minutes then was being passed around to eager arms.

Presents were slowly pulled apart.  Monkey helped pull the toys out of packages.  Ooohs. aaahs and aawwws from party goers as he seemed to realize proper etiquette.

That seemed to end at the cake part.  Now Bug doesn't eat any solids except baby crackers and some nasty rice rusks.  No little baby Puffs or dehydrated fruits.  Cheerios are turned away.  If you try to give him a piece, the look on his face is something similar to what you may see on someone who is being poisoned.  It's not really a surprise then when he was beyond angry that I dared to put frosting in his mouth!  Poor baby, the worst of it is?  We all laughed!  The again, it was pretty funny.


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