Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing up

Bug is turning one.  Well he's turning one in 3 days.  How did this happen???  He is supposed to be my baby and stay my baby!  I now know why the youngest child is babied for so long, their parents can't handle the concept of their baby growing up, of letting go of different stages of their baby's life.

He's going to be one.

He has teeth, he crawls and pulls himself up.  He is so proud of himself and smiles at every new accomplishment.  He can sign "more" and "all done" and has said "papa", "mama", "up", and "key" for kitty.  He has opinions and they don't always coincide with what should be happening.  It's ok though because his temper tantrums involve him making this face that is quite funny and possibly crying although he usually ends up laughing during it.  Of course when you tell him no, he looks at you, flashes a dimple, and goes about doing his business, completely ignoring you.  His smile lights up the room and makes everyone he looks at feel as though they are the best, most exciting person in the whole world.

It's hard to imagine that at this time I was counting the days to my due date.  At this time I had 10 more days, my feet were so swollen my socks left huge marks in them, and I was so huge that the ability to see those feet had long passed.  Sitting on the toilet was uncomfortable and getting up was even harder.  Geez, no wonder people questioned me if I was having twins.  Yet, I tried to remember and cherish every kick and roll that he did, knowing that the end was coming.  I'd rub my swollen, hard belly and think about soon the baby would be entering this world and there wouldn't be my little bug poking at my kidneys and bladder.  Soon that rock hard belly would forever be empty and I'd be left with squishiness.  *sigh*

I can't believe he's going to be 1.  It won't be long that I change that number again and again and again.  For now though, I'll hang onto this stage and keep him my baby as long as possible.

Did I mention I was HUGE!

This was October 21, 2010.  Bug was born the next day, a week early.


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  1. Good lord, you WERE huge. And he DOES think I am the most exciting person in the world!