Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chicago Toy and Game Fair Giveaway!!!


I've been given the awesome opportunity to go to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier.  I'll admit, I've never gotten to go but it is supposed to be so much fun for kids and parents of all ages.  They have all sorts of new and upcoming toys from popular well-known brands and others that I probably haven't been exposed to with Sunshine only being 5.

I plan on going, letting the kids play and have a wonderful time.  Yes, you read that!  The kids can play with the toys, it's the ultimate toy store!  Christmas and birthdays are coming up, I can see every type of toy out there in one place, under one roof.  I may be more excited than the kids.

From Star Wars Breakfasts to a Young Inventor's Challenge, there's something for everyone.

The Fair is November 19th and 20th at Navy Pier.  Tickets would run $5 for kids ages 3-13 and $10 ages 14 and up.  I have FIVE FAMILY PASSES to give away from now until the fair (parking is NOT included).  One pass will be given away on every Tuesday from now until the fair.  The first drawing will be on Tuesday the 18th at 8pm cst.

But Vicky, how do I get these tickets?  Simple!  Leave a comment for each entry with your email in a [name at this place dot com] so I know who you are.

Mandatory entry (sorry, there's gotta be a mandatory entry right?).
1. Follow my blog and post why you'd like to go
Each of the following is one extra entry, be sure to make each entry in a new comment.
1. Go to ChiTAG and tell me what you'd like to look at while there.  ChiTAG's blog
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3. Tweet about this and post the link back here
4. Post on facebook, your blog, or some other social media site that I probably don't know about and post the link

Good luck to you!

Week 1 Winner: tragicoptimist - congratulations!
Week 2 Winner: Kelly - Congratulations!
Week 3 Winner: Katie - Congratulations!
Week 4 Winner: Lori - Congratulations!
Week 5 Winner: Brandi - Congratulations!



  1. I'd love to go. I'm not from Chicago, but my parents are, and they go every year and talk about how much fun it is. So this year we're planning on going to visit them that weekend in part so we can go to the fair. My older daughter is 5 and really in to games, so I know she'll love it. (ann @ shinypebble . com)

  2. We'd love to go! We live in Evanston and have a six year old son who's interested in all things for building (I think I have a young city planner on my hands). My email is katie @ eshah . com

  3. Thanks, Vicky! We're excited to go (and will fill you in with what we find).


  4. My family would love to go!


  5. I would love to go with the family because we went last year and that is one very fun place to be! =)