Friday, October 28, 2011

A little of everything and a lot of nothing

I have been finding all sorts of little "treats" around the house and in the oddest places.  Bug enjoys carrying them around for a couple minutes to an hour until he gets tired of holding it and leaves his special gifts in the oddest of places.  His favorite items to carry? - cars and magnets.  He likes to carry those small matchbox cars of his brothers and the magnet letters the most.  We've decided that he will only learn half of his alphabet as half of the letters are missing.  Already today I've found TWO magnets in my shoe, an ambulance in my bed, and my absolute FAVORITE, a matchbox car in my bra.  What!  I had been nursing Bug and he must have been holding it.  He fell asleep and as I laid him down, out of my bra came a matchbox car.  Normally he couldn't get to my bed but we're getting new carpet in the bedroom and have been sleeping in the living room.
The kids seem to think mom and dad's bed is the the best place in the world to play.  I will be happy when we haul it back upstairs.  I also normally don't let them play on the furniture with shoes, but they were so excited about their new rain boots I couldn't resist.  It wasn't until now that I noticed the (unsharpened) pencil in Monkey's hand.
I would like to point out the ambulance next to Monkey.  I found it under my sheets.
And just because it's funny... Bug's new face.


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