Saturday, July 30, 2011

I once was lost...

Three years ago we bought a new Escape Hybrid., a wonderful purchase that we felt was necessary.  Less than one year later, on the way to Sunshine and Monkey's swim lessons, I can't find my keys.  My keys to our new car.  My keys that have the new car's ginormous electronic automatic locking thingy on the key itself.  The key that requires a specialized code to duplicate.  A key to duplicate that would require the locksmith to come out to the house and to physically enter that code (however that's done).  This key can't just be taken to the local hardware store and be copied there.  Oh no.  The microchip in the key needs to be there as well in order for the car to recognize it to start the car.  Along with that key there was also the key to our other car, our house key, my parents' house key and the key to my mom's horse trailer.  Not to mention the cool key chain.

Fast forward 2 years to a nice family vacation in Wisconsin.  I've packed a small backpack that will be used to bring with to the pool area.  Hubby opens up an obscure little side pocket and starts pulling something out asking "What is this?"

My KEYS!  You found them!  Yes, the keys I lost were in a small backpack that I probably had used for going on an outing.  I must not have used it after that because I found that it was just too small for all the stuff 2 kids in diapers require.  And there they were, my expensive key that was such a pain to replace, my house key that required 4 trips to the hardware store because they just couldn't get the copy quite right, my parents' house key, and the trailer key that I could never remember if it was still on there or lost somewhere else.  Best of all, there was the original key to our other car, that we no longer own.

Yes, that's right, we found my keys in Wisconsin.


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