Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking the plunge

So my baby decided that today was the day that she could officially say she swam.  Sunshine has been in swim lessons since practically birth and has always done a dog style type of swim.  Never wanting to get water in her eyes, she's always kept her head well out of the water.  Today we gave her a mask to wear and she was off.  She swam the length of my parents' pool multiple times keep her head down and coming up long enough to take a breath and to continue.  I was quite impressed with that part.  She swallowed some water one of the first times and then that was it, I think I can officially say that she can "kind of swim".

Even better than me being proud, she came up out of water beaming with pride.  She had her aunt go get her dad so he could watch.  He came out and took some videos and we watched her swim back and forth across the pool some more.


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