Friday, July 15, 2011

Shedding Season

Our dog is big and white and furry.  Certainly not the biggest, whitest or furriest, but when it comes to shedding season, it's close enough.  Most people don't realize it, but German shepherds do in fact come in white and it is not an albinism trait, she simply has two recessive genes.  Not quite of the shorter haired variety, typical of what you think of as a police dog, and certainly not the long haired type, she is somewhere in between with just enough fur to almost completely cover your hand.

What's shedding season though?  There are a few "seasons" when you own a dog, shedding season, muddy season and (the best of all) shedding and muddy season.  She'll blow her coat two times a year, it'll start right around now in July/August and continue through November then again from around February to April.  The rest of the year will consist of light shedding that causes tumbleweeds of fur to gather in the corners of the house  There will be a slight overlap of muddy season in there as well.  Aaahh muddy season.  Muddy season is the beautiful time of year when the seasons change from winter to summer and summer to winter.  When leaves and flowers grow and then later change colors and fall of the tree.  Now some might think "You mean spring and fall?", but when you have a dog, it's muddy season.  Rain will soak the backyard and the sidewalks and your dog white dog will come in an awful grey hue with mud caked on her legs, belly and tail.

Right now is simply the beginning of shedding season.  I went ahead and brushed her with our newly bought Furminator and went to work.  In the midst of brushing, little Bug decides to make his debut into our kitchen.  Not truly crawling yet, he army crawls through a very large tumbleweed of fur where it gets stuck in his spitty hands and static clings to his clothes.  Double the cleaning and digging fur off your baby's face is a great way to end your day.

I love my dog.


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  1. Ew, ew, ew. I am picturing the spitty, hairy baby hands and getting grossed out.

    Good thing she's a good dog.