Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If I don't see it...

Lately Sunshine and Monkey have taken to tattling.  Not just a little bit, but a lot and all the time.  Instead of listening to the petty tattling (climbing on counters and playing with knives is not considered petty), I've been telling them the age old saying, "I'm sorry, I wasn't watching and didn't see..."

I have a feeling this particular phrasing has come back to bite me in the butt.  Monkey, as he is so well nicknamed, has been enjoying jumping on the couch.  It seems it doesn't matter how often I tell him to stop, sit down, get off the couch, he always ends up on the couch again.  Maybe instead of jumping though, he's half standing on his head or he's spinning around on his head with his feet going around in the air, up over the back of the couch and hitting the wall with his feet.  I'd like to put in a quick side note that Monkey is only 32 pounds and is only in the 20%  for height so I'm not sure how he's able to cover the entire couch with his entire body.  Regardless, today he was jumping and I told him he needed to stop or get down.  He looks at me and says, "Mommy, close your eyes."  What?  Oh yes, he wanted me to close my eyes.  If I couldn't see it, it must not be happening, right?

Now that's a smart little boy.


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