Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eating steak

Hubby and I did something we have never done before; we bought and grilled steak.  We've been married for 8 years and for some reason I have been worried about "ruining" a steak by not (rather Hubby not) grilling it properly.  The whole idea of this just seems completely ridiculous to me and I've always known that I wasn't making any sense, just buy the darn steaks, they don't have to be filets.  So I bought some steaks and we grilled them tonight.

They turned out pretty good, too.  Of course Sunshine and Monkey, who never seem to want to try the new food that is put on their plates, (Sunshine's new saying was the green linguine we had the other day looked like seaweed), were all over the idea of trying these steaks.  But did they like them?  Well duh!  Of course they liked them, it was something we don't usually share with them!

While Sunshine was eating, she says that she really likes it and that we've never had it before and maybe we should have it more often.  I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth next, "You know we never had steak when I was little."  Wait.  Did I just say that?  I was suddenly walking uphill in the snow.  (I did walk to and from school a 1/2 mile and my mom never drove unless the rain that was falling was accompanied by thunder and lightening.)  Sunshine apparently is too young to understand the implications of never eating steak until your teenage years and simply asked for more.

A few minutes later, we were done eating and we were starting to clean up, she then states that she is still hungry.  Really?  She announces that she's starving and would like a hot dog on a bun.  A hot dog?  There's still steak left and she wants a hot dog?  Whatever, I got her the hot dog and she ate it.

While she was eating it though, I got to thinking, why don't we buy steaks more often?  I certainly did not buy expensive steaks.  They were $4 each on sale and I bought 2 of them for a total of $8.  Hubby and I aren't big eaters but he grilled some burgers at the same time for extra meat.  But why didn't I just buy 4 steaks?  I realized, if we were to go to McDonalds it could easily cost $3-$4 for the kids to eat fried, greasy food.  Hubby made 6 patties that we'll be eating for leftovers for lunch the next couple of days, we had frozen peas, bread and the 2 steaks.  I'm pretty sure that it cost the same, if not less, than a meal for the 4 of us to eat at McDonalds.  I hope I remember this next time I'm at the butcher counter and they ask how many I'd like.  I also hope I remember this the next time I'm at McDonalds, I'll need to remind myself that we could be eating steak.


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