Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacationing we will go

This week we went to Wisconsin Dells for 4 days with my family.  What a wonderful time we had.  Sunshine was just barely tall enough to go on the slides, but go on the slides she did.  She started out on a tube slide and continued to proceed to the body slides, wave pool, and even worked on her swimming.  Never much of a daredevil and a pretty big fear of heights, each step she took was a huge accomplishment.  She was a little bit more than nervous about crossing a cargo net tunnel bridge but eventually was running through with no hesitation.  Some slides had a bit more sun and ground showing through the bottom of the steps but she worked through that as well.  At first she did a quick crawl up on her hands and feet but again, she was walking up those stairs as well.

The only slide she didn't go down were the mats/racer slides that you go down headfirst into a dark tunnel.  It ends in a pretty steep drop.  We got up to the top and she decided she really didn't want to do it.  She cried for a good amount of time but I think it was more of an embarrassment issue than about being scared.  She saw both of her cousins (also ages 5 and 6) go down the slides and she just couldn't get past her fear.  Regardless, I was impressed with what she did do.  I must admit I was a bit more than nervous about going down those slides as well.

We stopped at Deer Park for a wonderful morning trip.  The deer were up and active and quite happy to receive their morning snacks from all of their guests.  I've been before but always later in the afternoon, it shouldn't have been a surprise that they aren't as active then.  Anyone who drives down a wooded road will know that the deer are out at sunrise and set.  The kids would have been willing to stay the rest of the day just petting and feeding the deer, goats, pigs and horses.


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