Thursday, August 4, 2011

Almost time

The other day my sister asked me when Sunshine started kindergarten.  I casually said that I didn't know, towards the end of August and I'd make sure I looked before the first day.  Well I went ahead and looked and I couldn't believe it, school starts in 13 days.  Wait.  What?  13 days?  No, she starts school at some point, not in 13 days.  13 days is less than 2 full weeks!  I'm not ready for my baby to start school.  I watched her for a bit and remembered the day that she was born and how the announced she was a girl.  I know everyone says how quickly time goes by and to cherish your moments and you think that you do but somehow kindergarten still sneaks up on you when you're not watching.

I sat on the couch with her for a while and snuggled with my baby.  I made sure I had a moment with her right then and there.  I told her how much I loved her and that she was the best little girl in the world.  I didn't tell her that in 13 days our lives would be changed forever and we would no longer have the luxuries of no schedules and lazy mornings.  That it wouldn't just be "us" anymore.

I think we're in the last couple pages of this chapter.  On to the next one, not the same but still just as much fun.



  1. I know exactly how you feel. I thought I would be a WRECK dropping my son off at the first day of kindergarten, but I was at such peace. I was so comfortable with the school and staff, that I was able to confidently leave him with his new teacher (but waited anxiously in the pick-up line at schools end!). I pray you (and Sunshine) have a GOOD experience and your after-school-afternoons together are blessed with precious memories. And being a SAHM helps sooooo much. I worked part-time during my sons grades 1 - 3, and I feel like I missed EVERYTHING!!! Thankfully I am home again full-time, and we get lots of one-on-one (plus we are part-time homeschoolers since Kindergarten - 2 days at home, 3 days at school).

  2. Thanks Melissa it is nice being home with them isn't it. She'll be taking the bus, so no stalking outside the school for me, just waiting anxiously at the bus stop.

    I hadn't realized you could homeschool part time. Does it make public goes easier for him?