Monday, December 3, 2012

Patch Toys Review

There are some things that surprise me and some things that surprise me more than others.  Patch Toys is one of those things that surprises me more than others.  I recently received some games to review from Patch Toys, their 3 "Big Little Games"; Spurtle Turtle, Flingin' Frogs, and Super Shooter Basketball, as well as Cluck-n-Chuck.  In addition they also sent me the ultimate circle-what-you-want-Santa-to-bring-you catalog.  

Before I begin, I must say, the Big Little Games are awesome, they all have 3 things in common: affordable, each game costs $8.99, they are small and therefore transportable, ready and willing to go to Grandma's for a visit, and the pieces all store in the main part of the game.  If you are a family that is continually losing pieces or the boxes constantly break, or the box breaks and the pieces fall out, these pieces are all contained.

Spurtle Turtle
2 or more players - Ages 3+

A very fun twist on a memory/matching game.  This cute little turtle shoots out little discs for players to match up.   There are 20 pieces (10 matches), enough that most kids at age 3 will not be overwhelmed or discouraged but will not bore quickly.  If you have a little one younger than 3 (such as Bug), you can flip the pieces over and let them find the little fish and underwater sea creatures and have it as a recognizing/matching type of game.

 Flingin' Frogs
1-4 Players - Ages 4+

This game is a big leap (sorry for the pun) in difficulty.  The object is to have your own little frog jump up onto the lily pad.  The lily pad is tiered, the higher the tier, the smaller the pad, the smaller the pad, the more points it is worth.  The ultimate goal is to land in the lily pad flower at the tip top of the tiers.  It is definitely harder than you first think, the little frogs like to jump or slide off the lily pad.  It does make it more fun though for parents when they are playing with their kids. I can play with the kids and really enjoy the challenge (ok fine, I played with the game even when they weren't around).  The kids won't outgrow this game in a year either, which is always good to know.

With a little finagling, I was able to get the lid on the bottom with all frogs, lily pads and flower.

Proof that you can get the frog in the lily pad as well as the top lily pad (for a grand total of 90 points!).

Super Shooter Basketball
1 or more players - Ages 5+

A fun, ball flinging/flying/shooting game that both boys and girls enjoy and are able to play with a friend (sister) or by his/herself.  This game is great, Monkey will be 5 in January and is able to play by himself or with a friend.  We do need to be aware of the 3 balls it came with as Bug enjoys taking balls and running off with them but that's a whole different issue.  Having 3 of them is also nice, if one does happen to get lost, the game won't be ruined.

I wasn't as good at this one as I was the frogs, but then again, basketball wasn't ever my sport.

2-4 players - Ages 4+

Now this is a fun and somehow wild game.  Then again, my kids can make most things wild.  Cluck-n-Chuck is adorable, you push the little chicken coop down and race against the coop's internal timer (no batteries needed - woohoo!) when the time is up the roof of the coop pops up and the chickens along with it.  I was a bit concerned, I had visions of little chickens popping across the family room floor, in reality it does just enough of a bounce to startle the kids, have the chickens bounce off a bit, and make the kids laugh (or squeal if they are my kids).  The directions are pretty easy and basic; everyone gets a bunch of different colored chickens, roll the die, and get all of your chickens on top of the coop before anyone else and the coop pops up.  The fast pace of the game was fun and had the kids bouncing around on their knees waiting for their turn.

Push it down

and it pops up.
If your coop pops up and your chickens go in rainbow order, I will be absolutely amazed and would love to see the pictures of it!

How can you NOT love these chickens when they are in a rainbow!

Cluck-n-Chuck sells for $16.99.

All in all, I would say that any of these games would be a welcome addition to a preschooler's toy and game collection.  To buy one of these games or any of the other dozens of games Patch Toys sells, you can visit them at their website.


Although I received these products for review, all opinions are my own.  I received no monetary payment to do this review.  Thank you Patch Toys for this opportunity.

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