Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dream a little dream

Monkey isn't a morning person.  At all.  He is like me (again) and could sleep through just about anything and sleep until someone decides to wake him up.  Even when he wakes up on his own it still takes him a while to wake up.  Sunshine is a morning person (usually) and truly takes after her nickname.  She wakes up bright and sunny, ready to start the day (I don't know where she gets this from, neither Hubby nor I are like this).

The other day, Sunshine wakes up and crawls into bed with me and Hubby.  It was a school day but Hubby had taken the day off.  Regardless, she was cuddling and not wanting to get out of the warm bed.  Bug was sleeping.  For the time being.  After coercing Sunshine out of bed and telling her to go get dressed she keeps doing a loud whisper.  "Ssshhhh, Bug is sleeping!"  Please don't wake him up, he doesn't like being woken and I prefer not to have a clingy baby at 7:00.  As she's walking past his room, Monkey comes out of his bedroom.  Laughing.  He's talking in, what we call, his 'loud Monkey voice', and announces (loudly), "I just had da funniest dream.  We were all flying in da clouds and there were burds all over da place."

How can you be mad at a little boy who is happy as soon as he wakes up and wants to share his excitement with you.

A couple of days later was his parent/teacher conference at his preschool, the teachers were telling me how he came in the other day laughing about how he had been flying.  Apparently, it was a very funny dream.


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