Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I don't know what happened to me.  I never used to be like this, maybe it happened when Sunshine started school or maybe when I was pregnant and pregnancy brain never really completely left and I've forgotten what I used to be like.  Or maybe my brain is just used to too many mundane things that having to think is painful so it chooses to shut down.  Regardless, I have decided that I am just plain forgetful.  I have things written down and I forget the paper.  If it's on the computer, I forget once I leave the computer.  Hubby now knows that if he wants me to do something after I hang up the phone he needs to have me write it out or he'll email me as well; not because I won't do it, but because as soon as I hang up my brain forgets.  I have been known to call someone (my sister) and by the time I push the TALK button, I have forgotten that I was going to call someone.  She has been on the other line, yelling trying to get my attention before it dawns on me that Oh yeah, I was making a phone call.  If there was an actual reason to the phone call that is long gone.  Who the heck forgets they are making a phone call, mid-call? (I'd like to add that I had a thought of a sentence less than 2 minutes ago and have since forgotten it.  It was supposed to go before the last sentence and it was an awesome one, but alas, it too is gone.)

I suppose the good thing is no one should feel bad about me forgetting their special day.  I forgot Hubby's birthday.  Now this may seem like just a bad wife thing to do, but I knew it was his birthday, even the day before I knew it was his birthday.  How could I NOT know it was his birthday, after all, his birthday is the day before mine.

So when I forgot my parents' anniversary (again, I remembered the week before and even mentioned something about it to my mom) I felt really bad, but then I realized, if I can forget my husband's birthday I suppose I can forget anyone's birthday.  As long as it's not the kids'.

I have since gotten a smart phone and I'm hoping that it will some how be my savior.  Alarms are going off, bells are ringing, chimes are chiming.  I won't forget to pick my son up at preschool, take my medicine, or go to speech.  I have my calendar on me at all times, this is going to work.

I'm sure of it.


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