Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas Day!

Santa did indeed visit our house, however, he does not give the best presents.  Usually he'll give the smaller toys or games not the big presents.  This year was unusual, Santa gave the family a Wii, it wasn't for one particular person though and all the other gifts under the tree were from us.  I spend too much time, thought, energy and not to mention money, to let some fat stranger get all the glory.  Maybe it's a little selfish, but I want the thank you and the great big hug.  I also want them to be able to say thank you for that amazing gift they just received.  Sunshine wanted a microscope, we managed to find one on Amazon for an amazing deal and she was so excited to get it.  It's a digital one that hooks up to the computer and has a 50x power.  Not quite strong enough to see on the cellular level, but we were able to see all the little beads of moisture on Hubby's fingertips and the dry barren dessert of my fingertips.  Monkey wanted superhero stuff and was ecstatic when he received them.  Although he would have been happy if we had stopped after his first gift; a double sleeve shirt of Snoopy with a mustache.  Bug didn't want to open anything.  They had each gotten their own container of Teddy Grahams in their stocking and they were all he wanted.  I was practically forcing him to open the presents.  He got some basic toys, he's 2 and doesn't have much of an opinion on what he does or does not want.  Once the Teddy Grahams were gone he was much more excited about the toys.  His favorite was a train and a car carrier.

A morning of presents led to more presents at my parents.  More presents and more food.  Imagine 15 people and 5-10 gifts for each person.  It's absolute chaos.  Paper was not being thrown this year as Bug was doing a good job keeping the floor clean.  Throwing wrapping paper is such a pet peeve of mine.  Really?  You have to wad something up into a tight little ball and whip it at someone?  Gee, big surprise when something gets broken or someone says ouch.  It really, really annoys me.  I know everyone thinks I'm being ridiculous and I don't have (Christmas spirit?) but at what point did this wrapping paper ritual become a holiday tradition?  Anyways, Bug kept the floors clean and we didn't need to worry about paper being thrown.  There were no tears about someone else getting something they wanted, only a slightly upset niece that wanted to do one of her crafts with her 2 cousins but her craft thing was paint.  She got over it and then that was it.

Dinner was good, dessert was good, spending time with family was good.

It was a wonderful Christmas with our families and what more could you really ask for.


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