Friday, December 21, 2012

It's not the end of the world, or is it?

Today is the end of the world.  Honest, that's what I've been told again.  It must be true because I was told that an ancient culture made an amazing calendar that suddenly ended on December 21, 2012.  Of course they say they didn't take into account leap year.  This amazing, accurate culture forgot a day every 4 years.  It couldn't possibly be that maybe, oh, I don't know, they got tired and didn't want to continue making a calendar, the stars aligning was a perfect reason to stop.  There couldn't possibly be a better event than complete line up of all these stars and planets so they should stop while they were ahead.  Regardless, the Mayas who created this are probably laughing their asses off.  Current day Mayas are probably mortified so many people have put so much faith in this event, even enough to make a movie out of it.

Of course we still have a few hours before December 21, 2012 ends.  Just like New Year's, the day can't officially be over if people are still partying in Hawaii and it's only 10am over there.  We still have 14 hours folks before the end of the world has officially passed.

That said, last night Hubby and I spent about 3 hours wrapping presents.  We wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.  I suddenly realized, if tomorrow is the end of the world I was going to be pretty pissed if I just spent my last day wrapping all these presents for nothing.



  1. I think there's going to be a lot of post apocalypse buyer's remorse this year.

  2. Or a lot of last minute uh-oh-the-world-didn't-end-and-now-I-need-to-buy-my-wife-a-present shopping.