Thursday, August 2, 2012

Losing it...

Sunshine is 6 1/2 and is going to be entering first grade.  Yikes!  Where has the time gone?  All last year she insisted that she is definitely the only kid in her whole entire class to have not lost a tooth yet.  I asked her once if she was sure and she gave me a very exasperated "Yes!"  Silly me, I'm just the mom.  I obviously don't know anything.

Months went by and still no loose teeth.  She would check periodically and ask, "Is my tooth loose?"  When I would tell her no, she would sigh or cry that she was definitely the last kid in class.  At this point I believed her.  She didn't get her first tooth until a week before her first birthday and after that they all took their sweet time coming in.  I tried doing the whole everyone-does-things-at-different-times schpeel but, not surprising, she wasn't buying into it.  Finally I told her, there's nothing I can do about it, you just have to wait.  They fall out when they're ready.  It was a little harsher, but sometimes the warm fuzzy stuff just doesn't work.

Yesterday she says to me (again) "I think my tooth is loose."  It's her bottom one so I stick my finger in there and sure enough, it's wiggling.  I told her she sure did and excited does not describe the look on her face.  Her face lit up and had a huge smile, she jumped up and down, then she attacked me with a hug.  I happened to be on the phone so she had to tell them, then I had to hang up so she could call my mom.  Apparently this tooth business had been bugging her much more than I realized, either that or she was so surprised that it finally happened that she couldn't contain herself.

Since yesterday, there has been nothing but tooth talk.  "I wonder when it will fall out?", "I'm going to eat stuff with my front teeth so it will loosen it up more.", "I think it's looser now that I was eating with my front teeth.", "I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will bring?" (I'd like to know who the obnoxious person is that invented the Tooth Fairy.) "I wonder what she [said Fairy] looks like.", "But Mommy, why wouldn't she be able to come to everyone's house every night?"

I'm sorry, I thought that was brilliant of me.  I hear of parents forgetting to take the darn tooth and then the kid wakes up in the morning and lo and behold, they are disappointed and sad that the Fairy forgot about them, then the parents are scrambling for a cover-up.  It's bad enough I'm forced into this thing, I'm going to at least give myself an out.  So I simply told her, "The Tooth Fairy isn't always able to make it to everyone's house every night."  I was told that this is terrible of me but really?  I'm already lying to them, what's one more?

Now all we need to do is wait.  Wait for that slow, slow tooth to finally come out.

Here she is!  All baby teeth still there for now.  Yes, that green glob is a chunk of frozen peas.  Not only do they LIKE peas, they like when they are frozen and they fight over getting the biggest chunk.



  1. How exciting for her! Hopefully you can skip the drama of pulling that lose tooth since she is so excited to finally get it out!!! And the tooth fairy could leave a little 'fairy dust' behind, too! Get a little glitter and confetti to leave on her pillow - what fun for a little girl!