Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finder's Keepers

Sunshine keeps begging me for a horse or a pony.  I keep telling her no, where would we keep it (in the backyard), what would we feed it then (grass and apples), where would we ride it (in the backyard and in the woods behind our house), where would it go in the winter, (in our house).  All good or interesting ideas but nevertheless, we aren't getting a horse anytime soon.  As much as I would love to purchase one (for myself that is) we're not in the horse buying market right now.

So while we were on vacation we were watching Call of the Wildman. I had never seen it before, it was interesting to say the least.  In the one episode, the guy gets a "wild" pony off of some farmer's land.  Really it was someone's pony that had either gotten loose or had been let loose but whatever, Sunshine heard 'wild' and that was enough to start the next conversation.

Sunshine:  Mommy, can I get a horse?
Me: No. (I'm really not mean, I've just had this question asked many times.)
Sunshine:  I really, really want a horse though.
Me:  We're not going to be getting a horse. 
Sunshine:  What about a pony?
Me:  No, please stop asking.  (I'd like to add that we were in the car and I had no way to escape.)
Sunshine:  Well what if I find a wild horse or pony, can I keep it then?
Me:  Sunshine, if you find a wild horse or pony, you may keep it.
Sunshine:  Really?!  So if there's a pony loose and maybe in our backyard or maybe it's lost, I can keep it then?
Me:  Yes.
Sunshine:  I'm going to start looking for them.  I wonder where I'll find it?  If it has an owner though, I'll have to return it because then the owner might be sad and say, 'Oh no, I can't find my pony!'.  But if it doesn't have a home, I'll keep it and take care of it and if it's hurt, I'll bring it to the vet and feed it and water it every day.
Me:  Ok.
There's a slight pause and I assume (foolishly assume) that the conversation has ended.
Sunshine: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Sunshine:  When I find my horse, what should I call it?  (She continues without waiting for me to answer...) I think I'll name my horse if it's brown, I'll name her Brownie, because it will be brown and if it's silver I'll name her Silver because she'll be all shiny like silver and if it's black I'm going to name her Elaine.  Her middle name will be Grace.
Me:  Elaine Grace?
Sunshine:  Yes, either that or Rose.  Do you like those names?
Me:  I think they're perfect sweetheart.


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