Monday, August 20, 2012

I can't believe she's getting married!

Sunshine has been going to school now for 3 days.  She loves it, she has asked, or should I say complained, about the fact that she has not gotten any of the promised homework.  She was a little bummed about not having a couple of her close friends in class but she seems to be getting over it, especially since she is able to play with many grades on the playground during recess.  This is a definite bonus.  The other thing that she has always liked is riding the bus.

For some reason she didn't want to ride the bus to school on the first day and had wanted me to drive her.  I'm not really sure why, she rode the bus all year last year and never had any issues but I think the idea of riding with the older kids made her nervous.  Again, not really sure why since she rode home with the bigger kids last year as well.  Regardless, as we were getting into the car, she saw her friends standing at the bus stop, she jumped out and yelled at me to hurry up so we didn't miss the bus.

Later that night I asked how the bus ride was and she said it was fine, she rode with Joshua.  In fact, she's been riding the bus every day with Joshua.  To school and home from school.  He even saves a seat for her.

This is how our conversations have been going about school lately:  Joshua wears a hat to school and he sees if I can get it on his head.  Sometimes I sit with Joshua and his friend, but Joshua always saves a seat for me.  Sometimes Joshua and I will show each other what we're having for lunch.  Sometimes we play during recess together.  Joshua and I will sometimes play tag or swing.

Me:  Is Joshua in the same class?

Sunshine:  No, he's in third grade. 

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what?  Third grade?

Sunshine:  And Joshua goes to the park by himself.  And Joshua says that he thinks that I love him and want to marry him.

She has also taken to blushing a lot when she talks about him and giggling.  Yes, my 6 year old blushes and giggles about boys.

So this was the conversation we had, or rather how often she talks about him, I just sit and listen, and I found myself in the car thinking about this Joshua.  Before I knew it, I had visions of her getting married.  Me taking her to go wedding dress shopping, giving a speech and finally welcoming Joshua to the family after how many years of them being friends.  I couldn't believe it, she has her first crush and is only in first grade and I already have her married.  What's worse, I was getting all teary eyed.

Maybe parents act like this so that the emotions around a child getting married are slightly lessened, either way, it's going to be a long road ahead of us.


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