Saturday, August 25, 2012

Enjoy our vacation! Tuesday

I saw some pictures on the internet before we left about some amazing park.  When I looked at the street view on google maps though it didn't show anything though.  I asked the lady at the hotel desk and she didn't know what I was talking about so I was kind of stuck.  I really wanted the kids to get out and play and run around some.  I decided to just find a park that might have some green space and or hiking trails as well as a playground.  I did an eenie meenie miney moe and chose the one that sounded a little better.  Pack up the kids and drive the 45 minutes to get to the park.  To my surprise, it was the park that I saw online!  May I just say that it was the most awesomest (yes, you can use that phrase when it's something like this park) park I have ever seen in my entire life.  The kids get there and there are about 15 other kids and it didn't matter.  The playground was so big and spread out that there was ample space.  It was a little muddy because of the rain and the humidity wasn't letting it dry, it was also in the shade (which is a HUGE bonus especially with fair skinned kids).

How do you know a playground is awesome?  If the parent can be there for 2 hours and not be bored out of their brain.  I found out that the playground was designed, built and paid for by the neighborhood that it was in.  Apparently it made the papers even.  It had all the 'necessities' that many moms would want.
1. The whole playground was fenced in with only the one entrance so your kids couldn't escape as easily.  It was much easier and less stressful when you're fairly confident they can't get past you.
2. It's also almost completely in the shade of these huge trees.
3. There aren't any random openings that your child can fall through when they are running.  Bug has this obnoxious thing he does where he likes to stand at the edge of these openings, hold onto the metal bars, and lean waaaay out as far as his arms will let him.  This playground?  No scary edges, also it wasn't made of metal, it was made of wood.  That meant that it didn't get painfully hot.
There weren't any faux rock climbing walls or any fireman's pole, but it was a sprawled out castle looking fort that made me wish I could run up there and play.
When we finally left, the kids were exhausted and smelled of sunshine.

I loved this, there were no open spots that led to a 7' fall, every opening was staircase down with lots of turns so it wasn't a dangerous staircase.  It was fun to go up and down those little landings.

The little kid's section, Bug liked it, but he preferred the larger play area

This is what

happens when the

kids have the camera

while you change a diaper.


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