Sunday, August 26, 2012

Enjoy our vacation! Wednesday

Well this day was kind of a blessing in disguise.  We were supposed to go to this bouncy area (I wasn't real thrilled with the idea, but figured it would be fun and they would fall asleep at night) but when we got there, I found out that Bug couldn't go on the bouncy things, even though I called and asked.  Whatever.  They had a display of things you could do in the area and one was for a Wildlife Nature Center.  It wasn't far and it was basically a small zoo with native animals, including wolves, bears, and cougars.  Hey, they said native at some point, not native as in you-might-see-this-when-you-go-for-a-hike-this-afternoon.

It was built on the side of the mountain which made it so you were walking through the trees.  Literally.  We were walking on wooden pathways in the middle canopy of the trees looking down at the bears and deer.  I was amazed at how Sunshine handled it.  Normally terrified of heights, she went right up to the edge and looked over.  I wasn't too concerned about her falling in, they had, as Hubby called it, a secondary cow catcher.  A sturdy chain link fence that kept people from falling/jumping in with the cuddly teddy bears.

They also had a small petting zoo there with a some crafts for the kids but by this time, Bug was not going to sit still.  Downfall, there was no snack bar, only a vending machine.  Kind of a bummer since I didn't pack any food.  As I said, I was planning on going to the bouncy area which did have a snack bar.

They had a nice bench/step stool all around the edges so even the littlest of kids could look at the animals.

Sunshine and Monkey, enjoying the hands on and speaking with one of the volunteers.  The poor guy was asked about 1,001 questions.

Bears on the right side but about 30' down.

Chasing after Bug, again.

It was a cooler day and the cougar was nice and active,

but when he decided to stop and rest he was less than 10' from the kids.  No glass and no huge ditch, we were close enough to see his claws as he was gnawing on them while he was grooming himself.

You need to be fast when taking pictures of Bug.  This required me telling the other two to hold still, plunking him down and scooting back before he could run out of the picture.

Once we were done, we had to pick up Hubby from the conference.  I had been driving past a hoagie place, Two Guys Hoagies, each day on the way there and back twice a day and wanted to stop.  It was 5:50 and the place closed at 6:00.  Hubby didn't want to stop, he said they were about to close, I said they were still open and we should go in.  All I can say is, WOW!  These are the best hoagies I've ever had - EVER.  They put the big chain places to shame.  The amount of meat and extras was absolutely amazing.  I wanted to go back again the next day but Hubby said he wanted to go to another place he had heard about.  If they shipped, I'd be ordering.


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