Friday, August 24, 2012

Dot-to-dot Sharpie t-shirts

Fun and easy to do, it's a t-shirt (which means it's functional!), and I won't be embarrassed by them wearing them out in public.  It's fun making crafts that are cute and all, but after awhile it gets frustrating having all of their works of art and wondering, now what?  So a craft that isn't junk is the best kind of craft.  This definitely requires your help as it does require a permanent marker and rubbing alcohol.

You will need:
Plain white shirt, we used t-shirts
Permanent markers (Sharpies or other brand) in many different colors
Rubbing alcohol
Liquid dropper
Cup, empty jar, empty can
Piece of cardboard, I used the cardboard from the back of the Sharpie container
Rubberband (optional)

To create your masterpiece:
1.  Place the cardboard in between the top and bottom of the shirt, this will keep the colors from bleeding through.
2.  Place the cup under the shirt, on top of the cardboard.  This will allow for the rubbing alcohol to spread properly and not soak up into the cardboard.
3.  Make dots, lines, or squiggles in a small area on the t-shirt.
4.  With the dropper, drop rubbing alcohol onto the design, drop by drop.  Be careful not to oversaturate.  The rubbing alcohol will spread and dilute the marker as it moves.
5.  Stop adding when you get the dot size that you want.

Sometimes you just need to be happy with sitting still.

How sad, this was the best picture I got out of 10!  He's such a wiggle worm.  His are more oblong because I didn't have it stretched evenly over the cup.  It's still cute and gives it a unique look.

Monkey calls it his pretty shirt, I'd have to agree!

Wait for it to completely dry before you wear it.  Every shirt will be different and fun.  If you choose a thin shirt, the colors will be darker, thicker shirts will require more marker or moving the marker slower.  These were the thin Fruit of a Loom shirts that you get in a package.  I think I prefer the thinner shirt, it's cooler for summer and it's brighter.


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  1. LOVE this idea! I'm definitely going to try it! The shapes/colors remind of sand dollars - perfect for beach cover ups! Thanks for sharing.