Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The other day we were all sitting in the car and having a grand ole' time.  Somehow, and I can't really say for sure, the subject came up of growing up and babies and getting married.  Sunshine was the one leading this conversation, she had many questions and many comments on the whole issue.  So Hubby and I finally ask her, "Who are you going to marry?"

I've heard her say about 100 times that she was going to marry Peyton, a little boy who used to be in her preschool class.  I was quite surprised then when she responds "Caden."

Me: "Who's Caden?"  I've been in her classroom a couple of times being room mom and I can't picture a Caden.

Sunshine: "He's a boy in my class.  He sits at the blue triangle table."

Me:  Trying to be very calm and not smile, lest she think that we're laughing at her, "Why do you want to marry him?"

Sunshine: In a dreamy voice that I thought could only be learned from watching cheesy 1980's TV shows, "Because he's sooooo handsome."

What!  Handsome!  He can't be more than 6!

Me: "Is he nice?"

Sunshine:  "Uh, yeah, he's nice."

Hubby: "Is he smart?"

Sunshine: "I don't know."

Me: "Does he play with you?"

Sunshine:  "Yes, he'll sometimes play with us."

Me:  Trying to push the 'nice' factor of choosing someone on my 5 year old, "So you want to marry him because he's nice?"

Sunshine:  "Um yeah, but mostly because he's soooo handsome."

As if this couldn't get any worse, we were at my parents' house today and I was sitting with my sisters, cousin, and mom.  Sunshine was sitting at the table with the kids and eating dessert.  I mentioned it (ok, I told the story a couple of times) to my sisters and my cousin and my oldest sister said something along the lines of "What!, a boyfriend in kindergarten!"  There were 3 little girls at this table 6 1/2, 6 and Sunshine who is almost 6.  The other 2 little girls (my nieces) are saying that they don't like boys, they're yucky.  You know, the whole cootie bit.  Well my little Sunshine pipes up and says that she likes boys and when she gross up she's going to marry Caden.  When my niece asked why, sure enough, she said because he's "soooo handsome."


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