Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How do you sanitize a baby's mouth?

Monkey is slowly, slowly, slowly going through the potty training process.  I am desperate and not above bribery and doing anything I need to do to coerce him to go on the toilet.  He prefers the potty seat though.  I have been changing diapers and wiping butts for a combined total of 8 years and I'm not even close to being done yet, wiping out a little potty seat really isn't a big deal.  Especially if it works.  Especially if it works!

I used to have issues with putting the potty seat in the family room.  The thought of a child pooping in the living space kind of grossed me out.  I DID have issues with it.  Then I realized that they already go to the bathroom in the living space, they are capable of stinking up a room regardless if they have a diaper on, I've been watching them poop and make poop faces since they were born, and if the diaper leaks or they don't make it to the bathroom on time, you still have to deal with poop in the living room.  That said, we have the potty seat in the family room, right in front of the television.  It makes it a lot easier to convince Monkey to sit on the toilet every 25 minutes if he's not having to stop in the middle of what he's doing.  I don't want toys or books in the bathroom (we have a small bathroom and I worry that he will "put them down" in the toilet).

We also had to get a new potty seat.  The one we had bought for Sunshine had to be thrown away and we figured we'd get one that was a bit more compact.  This seemed to be a good choice, the lid flipped up without having to flip completely back, it was a sturdy stool (not that we use it as a stool since it's in our family room), it had a little boy "spray" cup, and it played music.  I kind of thought the music part was a little over the top, but whatever.  The music part doesn't work either by the way.

Well Bug is a year and one year olds are, if nothing else, curious.  It turns out that the lid is great to pull up and stand on.  It's fun to open and close the lid.  It's fun to mess around with the toilet ring that is inside.  It's also fun to take the little removable pee cup off.  For those who don't know what the pee cup is, it's a little cup that sticks up and allows a little boy to go potty without having to worry about making sure he's pointed completely down.  It is often peed on instead of the child's legs or your floor.  So now, Bug has not only take this little pee cup off, he has also placed it halfway in his mouth.  Oh.  My.  God.  Get.  That.  Out.  Of.  Your.  Mouth.  There he is, playing with some other toy with this pee cup in his mouth.  When I yell his name, he just looks up and smiles, pee cup and all, and takes off crawling.  He knew he wasn't supposed to have it, which is why he was giggling.  

I swear, I only left him alone for a few minutes.  I had to make dinner!  He was playing so nicely with his blocks!  It's not like he was alone for hours or even 15 minutes, it was literally less than 5 minutes and this is what he decides to do.

If for some bizarre reason I had put this in my mouth, I would have triple brushed my teeth (thrown away said brush) and continued to swish my mouth wish mouthwash.  How on earth do you clean a baby's mouth?  This cannot possibly be good.

What's worse, while I was washing off his hands, all I could think of was, "Please don't cuddle me and put your mouth or face on me."  Of course as I dried his hands I got past that thought and I thought of something else; I nurse.

So much for not being phased by bodily functions.


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