Friday, December 2, 2011

It's ok to feel sorry for me

Ugh.  about 15 years ago I was told I should probably get my wisdom teeth pulled.  I even went to a consult with an oral surgeon.  Well that was then.  I was scared and the idea of teeth being yanked out wasn't very exciting.

This is now.

Today I am sitting on the couch alternating ice on my very sore mouth.  Gee, no surprise, the teeth still had to come out.  The difference?  Now I have 3 kids who want attention.  I also can't take that oh so tempting Vicodin but am instead taking plain ole Advil.  Apparently Vicodin isn't good for my milk and wouldn't be good if passed along to Bug.  Whatever.  Now I'm pumping and dumping.  Even more depressing.  I've never had to pump and dump with any of my kids, now, because I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted, I have to throw away quarts of my milk.

Did I really just say extracted?  That's their nice way of saying their going to yank your precious teeth out of your mouth.  Someone you don't really know will be doing this too.  I was completely under, you know, another stranger in control of when I regained consciousness.  It was very strange.  One minute they were inserting the IV and the next minute Hubby was standing over me telling me to open my eyes.  Very strange.

So that was yesterday.  I have had some soup and pudding and eaten a strawberry shake and had a few bowls of sherbet.  What do I really want?  Those cookies sitting on the counter.  Those oh so delicious cookies that I can't eat because putting my teeth together at all causes pain.  I have been lucky though, or should I say Hubby has, he hasn't eaten any in front of me.

Hubby takes awesome care of me though when I'm not feeling well.  He brings me pillows and water.  Those ice packs are never melted.  He made dinner for the kids and me last night.  He gets me my medicine.  He woke up with Bug last night to get him to go back to sleep and put him down for his nap so he wouldn't be looking for me to nurse him.

The other downfall of waiting the 15 years?  I am no longer on my parents' awesome dental plan.  Their awesome insurance wouldn't have cost anything... at least I don't think so.  Ok, it wouldn't have cost me anything.  Now I have Hubby's very good dental insurance but am stuck paying what isn't covered.

Oh, and when I went in there, I suggested they do a cleaning.  He kind of laughed and said wouldn't that be nice.  When I said I wasn't joking, he had to explain that they don't do that.  What kind of oral surgeon doesn't clean teeth?!

*Sigh*  It's no wonder people don't want to go to the dentist.

Here are the pillows Hubby brought downstairs for me!



  1. Ouch! I had one taken out and it was miserable. They want to yank my other 3 too.

  2. I hope you will have someone who also bring you lots of ice cream and shakes as well!