Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye preschool

Sunshine is 5.  This means that she will start kindergarten in the fall.  Yesterday was her last day of preschool and all I have to say is, I know why people stay at the same school for all of their kids.  It was so
sad leaving her school and she didn't even know it.  The picnic that was scheduled for today was canceled due to weather and wet, soggy parks.  I had prepared myself for one more day of 'school' activity.

The kids were standing in line ready for parent pick-up and I told her across the fence to say goodbye to her friends.  She haphazardly turned to the side and said 'bye' to one of her fellow schoolmates, one that I know she wasn't really good friends with.  She never talked about him, she just happened to be standing next to him in line.  Driving away felt so final, so sad, and she didn't even seem to care.  The first thing she asked was what Monkey did when she gone.  As in, what did he do while I was in school and if it was better I'm going to be pretty mad.  The next question was if we could have all of her school friends over to our house.

Shortly after I got home, I got a phone call from one of the parent's of her classmates.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who was sad about the abrupt end to our baby's preschool experience.  All the other mothers wanted to get together for a play date and called to see if we were available.  We are, so we'll get one more day with everyone.  Maybe we're just dragging out the inevitable.

The really sad thing though:  she won't be going to kindergarten with any of these kids.  Kids that are so important in her life right now won't be remember in a couple of years.  Kids that are her best friends will be forgotten along with her whole preschool experience.

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