Friday, July 27, 2012

Sell, sell, sell

We have a full partially finished basement.  The non-finished part of the basement is crammed full of boxes.  Half of the boxes are empty (Hubby has this thing about keeping every single box that comes into our house) the other half has mostly clothes in Rubbermaid containers.  A LOT of Rubbermaid containers.  After Sunshine was born we kept her clothes, knowing we wanted another child but not knowing if the baby would be a girl or not.  So we kept it.  All of it.  After Monkey was born we weren't sure about a third, so we continued to keep her clothes just in case we had another baby and if that baby happened to be a girl.  Well we had another baby and the baby was not a girl.  This means we have a lot of clothes ranging from newborn to size 5.  Now I have sold some of the newborn stuff, but not much.  I had not gotten to the containers of bigger baby sizes.  So what should we do with all of this stuff?

The question was really more a "when are we going to get rid of all that stuff".  We decided to do a garage sale.  A very large garage sale getting rid of as much clothes, baby toys and maybe some bigger toys that the other two just don't play with, that we possibly could.  For two straight weekends we were going to host an epic sized single family sale.

I have continued to bring up box after box after box of girl clothes.  Just about when I think I have almost reached the end, I realize I haven't gone through the other 2 boxes that are in the kitchen or the living room.  We decided to do a dot system; every red dot is $.50, green dots are $1.00, etc.  It saved me a ton of time.  Hubby picked up a pack of 800 and I have run out of stickers with 3 boxes left.  I did buy most of this at a clothing sale, so most of the clothes I bought for $2 and under, but seriously?  WHY didn't anyone stop me?  I went shopping with my sisters and they saw me and saw my basket of goodies.  Why, oh why, didn't they tell me, "Hey Vicky, you seem to have a bunch of stuff for your 1 year old.  You realize you only have one child don't you?"

I am looking forward to having my basement back.  But now there is a new question.  What am I going to do with all of those containers?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock lives!, in our front yard!

Now that it's summer, I've decided this is the perfect time to do errands and hauling 3 kids around in the car is a great idea.  Doing 8 stops in one day can be great, you get them all done in one day.  Of course you could do 4 stops in 2 days and not having to buckle and unbuckle the kids in and out and in and out and in and out of their carseats 16 times during the day.  Or you could do either of the above variations and realize the next day that you did NOT do all of your stops and you have to go back out and do at least 2 more.  Then you usually end up getting more things than you really need.

My recent excursion ended up to be a variation or 6/2/3.  Meaning I made 6 stops the first day, 2 the next and then the 3rd day I realized that I had forgotten even more stuff and made another 2 stops.  By the time we were done with the second errand of the third day we were hungry, tired, and I really wasn't in the mood to make lunches.

When we did get back home, Bug was sleeping.  No surprise, we had gotten a late start and it was now 1:00.  This only meant one thing, a picnic in the front yard.  Bug would sleep in the car under our huge tree with the breeze blowing through the open doors.

As we were sitting there I saw a flash of something, felt a whoosh of air, and heard a thump in the air.  Two birds were chasing each other and flew so quickly past us that I couldn't see it until they were already past us.  Sunshine said the wing hit her and I believe her.  She said if felt like a thud on the back of her head.

Did I mention the huge tree?

Apparently the birds were either doing some kind of love something or other, chasing each for tree territory, or turning Alfed Hitchcock on us and attacking us.  A few days later we saw a robin's nest in the branches almost directly above where we had been sitting.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

wishes and fairies

We were recently watching Berenstein Bears on TV the other day.  It was the first time the kids had seen it and they were quite excited to watch something new.  The episode happened to be about Sister Bear (poor kids, could their parents have gotten any more obnoxious with the names?) and Sister was wanting something.  I'm not quite sure what it was, but Mama Bear told Sister that she should wish upon the wishing star and it might come true, but you can't tell anyone what you wished for.  Thanks Mama, I need to deal with one more Santa that can show up randomly throughout the year.  Well sure enough, Sunshine heard this and her eyes lit up.  She turned to me and sat up nice and tall and asked, "Is that true?"  Foolishly I didn't say no, instead I chose give her hope and keep magic in her life and answered, "I don't know, it might be."  I highly recommend squashing this magic and just telling them, "No, it's just a cartoon."  She replies, "I think I'm going to wish for a unicorn!"  I think she missed the part about not telling what she was wishing for. I had to then tell her, she wouldn't be getting a unicorn.  Or a horse.  Or a 2-wheel scooter (mostly because she kept asking).  Or a new dog.  Or a new kitten.

Thank you Berenstein Bears.  This is why we no longer watch the show and why magic should be discouraged.