Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's that smell?

Those were the words spoken by Sunshine on the way to my parents' house on Saturday night.

Hubby and I were going to be going out for our anniversary and a nice evening alone.  Sunshine and Monkey have their bags packed to spend the night.  It started out with me (showering first), and putting on a nice pair of pants, blouse, and earrings.  Sunshine comes in and says, "You look pretty Mommy."  Aaawww, thanks sweetie...  She continues, "You should wear earrings all the time."  Hmmm.... (On a side note she has asked if we were going to wedding when I've put a nice dress on.  Sadly, the answer has always been "yes.").

So there we are, sitting in the car, on the way to my parents'.  I turn on the defroster, because it's been raining all day, when she asks about the smell.  Smell?  What smell?  All I can smell is... my perfume.  So I ask her.

"Do you mean my perfume?"

"Yeah, your perfume." Pause for a few minutes.  "Mommy, what's perfume?"

Wow!  Do I go out so infrequently that my daughter feels the need to comment about me wearing earrings and is confused about the odd smell being blown around the car?  Obviously I need to get out more often.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello? Hello?

We have 3 cordless phones in our house, usually they all end up in our kitchen and family room buried in the couch cushions and you can only find them after the caller has hung up.  But, that's not what this is about.  We also have 1 corded phone upstairs in our bedroom.  The other day I was upstairs in my bedroom talking to Hubby when I hear a very quiet "Hi".

Interference?  Did you hear that?

"Hi."  Again.  What on earth, where is that coming from?

"Hi, Daddy."

Oh, why did I even question it?  It happens all the time.  Monkey had picked up the corded phone and decided to join in on the conversation.  "Hi Monkey, put the phone down.  I'm trying to talk."

Sunshine, who apparently had never known of this fun game, didn't want to be left out.  She takes the phone from her little brother and to my amazement, starts talking into the earpiece.  She's holding the phone so the earpiece is up to her mouth and the mouthpiece is down by her chest.  This isn't a microphone Sunshine.  I tried to tell her to put that part up to her ear and talk into the other end.  She retorts, "I just want to talk to Daddy."

"Sunshine, you need to put it by your ear.  Turn it around."

"I just like to hold it like this."  Stubborn child.

Finally after we hung up with Hubby, I sat down and showed her how to hold and use a corded phone.  No pushing talk or extra buttons.  Just pick it up, dial, and put the earpiece by the ear.

"Sunshine, you hold the phone like this.  Can you hear it now?"

"Ooooh, I didn't know that!"


It's a new generation we live with.  One that doesn't understand phones that plug into walls.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye preschool

Sunshine is 5.  This means that she will start kindergarten in the fall.  Yesterday was her last day of preschool and all I have to say is, I know why people stay at the same school for all of their kids.  It was so
sad leaving her school and she didn't even know it.  The picnic that was scheduled for today was canceled due to weather and wet, soggy parks.  I had prepared myself for one more day of 'school' activity.

The kids were standing in line ready for parent pick-up and I told her across the fence to say goodbye to her friends.  She haphazardly turned to the side and said 'bye' to one of her fellow schoolmates, one that I know she wasn't really good friends with.  She never talked about him, she just happened to be standing next to him in line.  Driving away felt so final, so sad, and she didn't even seem to care.  The first thing she asked was what Monkey did when she gone.  As in, what did he do while I was in school and if it was better I'm going to be pretty mad.  The next question was if we could have all of her school friends over to our house.

Shortly after I got home, I got a phone call from one of the parent's of her classmates.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who was sad about the abrupt end to our baby's preschool experience.  All the other mothers wanted to get together for a play date and called to see if we were available.  We are, so we'll get one more day with everyone.  Maybe we're just dragging out the inevitable.

The really sad thing though:  she won't be going to kindergarten with any of these kids.  Kids that are so important in her life right now won't be remember in a couple of years.  Kids that are her best friends will be forgotten along with her whole preschool experience.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Green Scene fitted diapers

I recently bought a Green Scene fitted diaper and must I say, it is AWESOME!  I personally never say if I like a diaper or not until I've tried it at least 2 or 3 times.  First impressions aren't always the accurate one.  After using it a few times I've come to the conclusion that my first impression was indeed an accurate one.

I had never had a minky before so when I took it out of the package I was amazed.  The soft, squishiness of it was enough to want to cuddle up to it like it was a stuffed bear.  Ok, I did cuddle up next to it.  I had thought it was just the outside that would be soft, but no, the inside was just as soft.  It hosted 2 inserts of organic bamboo fleece sandwiched between organic bamboo velour that snapped together to the diaper.  All of this made a super, squishy, soft inside.  The turned and topstitched edges were gentle on their sensitive legs and the snap down rise allowed for it to fit on both Monkey and Bug.  As I said, I've used it several times and the color is still just as bright, even after being washed and dried in the sun.

As for absorbency, it worked like a charm.  I paired it up with my wool and we had no leaks, even when sleeping.  If I wasn't a fitted lover before, I am now.

Fast and efficient, I received the diaper within a couple of days of ordering it.

Here it is, fresh and clean off the clothes line.

The Green Scene can be found on hyenacart as well as facebook.

Candy Wrapper Cloth Works

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So proud!

Yesterday was a beautiful day!  One of those days that when you went outside the sun kept you warm but the breeze kept you cool.  The kids wanted to go outside and play and I needed to hang up diapers and sheets on the line.  Bug was hanging out in his Exersaucer bouncing away.  As always, our dog Scout wanted to go out with us.  The kids played in the sandbox, Scout found a shady spot in the middle of the yard under the yard.  It was a wonderful day.

I finished hanging everything up and the kids wanted to play baseball.  Out came the whiffle ball and t-ball stand.  I never liked hitting the ball of the t but they wanted to use it.  After a few flops, Sunshine decided she'd prefer that I pitch the ball to her.  She definitely did better without the t!  On her second of third pitch she hit that ball out in left field clear across our yard.  I couldn't believe it.  It wasn't a fluke either.  Down centerfield and back into left at least three times.

Monkey was much better with the t, have you ever tried pitching to a 36" person with a strike zone of about 1'?  He hit the ball off that t 5 of 6 times about 5 or 6'.  Pretty good for a 3 year old I'd say!

Now me on the other hand, I had a heck of a time trying to catch those hits.  Whiffle balls are not always the easiest to catch.  At least that's what I tied to tell myself when I consistently missed the throws that Sunshine was throwing me.  After quite a few misses, she started laughing.  To add insult to injury, she quoted back to me what I had said to her, "You just need a little bit more practice."

They made me so proud.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A new day

I've been riding horses since I was 13 years old.  I am certainly not the best rider and I would never take claim that I was, but I enjoy it and it has always been a way for me to relax, exercise and get away from the troubles of the day.  I have been so incredibly fortunate that my mom is the one who owns the horse and I'm able to ride whenever I want.  There are no lessons and no extra bills.  All I have to do is help her keep the horse in shape and keep him from getting too obnoxious with his bad habits.

Over the past 5 years I haven't been able to get out as much.  Even if I wanted, my mom would not allow me to ride once I found out I was pregnant.  Her horse, her rules.  After the baby was born comes the nursing issues.  Normally nursing has never gotten in the way of things, but with this it's a bit trickier.  The barn is a good 45 minutes from my house so I need to rely on either my parents to watch the kids (as well as a nursing baby who won't take a bottle) or hope that Hubby will be home to watch them.  Often when I go out I have at least Sunshine with me and my mom will come out to keep an eye on her.  It's nice, but certainly not the relaxing time that I used to have.

Tonight though was different.  I left all 3 of them at my parents' house and went for a ride.  It was wonderful.  I jumped him for the first time in years and he did exactly what he always did - race to them and take an enormous spot.  A little work and we got it under control - kind of.  The owner of the barn was out and helping me get back into the swing of things.

It may not have been a beautiful ride and anyone watching could have seen that it wasn't right but it felt "right".  It felt like I was home where I was supposed to be.  It felt like my first jump when everything felt so alive and a freedom that I have never been able to find anywhere else.

It felt like a new day.

Good morning!

It's 5am.  I hear rustling on the monitor and then the beginnings of whimpering escalating to the soft, quiet cry of Bug.  Maybe if I lie here long enough he'll fall back asleep.  There's a risk with this though, if I let him cry he can easily wake up the other 2, especially Sunshine whose bedroom is right next to his room.  Hubby is in the shower and doesn't usually go get Bug once he wakes up for the day.  His allows only enough time to get ready in the morning and get out the door.  There may be enough time to change a diaper but certainly not enough to soothe a baby back to sleep so close to his normal wake-up time.

So out of bed I drag myself, down the 10' to his room.  First things first.  Checking to see if the diaper leaked on his sheets.  All good.  Second, changing that very wet diaper so it doesn't squish out on me.  Blech, being peed on is never a pleasant way of waking up.  Diaper changed and into the glider for nursing.  I practically fall asleep during nursing with him still wide awake.  Both sides done and time for the crucial burping.  The first burp is bad but this is the bad, projectile puking time.  Done with no casualties he falls asleep on my shoulder but the transfer does not go well.  Once again, he's wide awake.  Sigh.  Rock.  Pat.  Nod to sleep.  Wake myself up.  Repeat.

Now some may not agree with this, but we had him sleep in his car seat for a few months because of his reflux.  Because of this, he still likes the car seat and will usually fall asleep easily and on his own.  I lay him down and rock him a bit and leave him knowing I have exactly 1 1/2 hours before my alarm goes off.  Well I do fall asleep, and easily at that but am woken another half hour later to him fussing.  Desperate, I bring the car seat in my bedroom, set it next to my side of the bed and slowly rock it until I fall asleep.  At some point he also fell asleep because when my alarm went off at 7:10 he was sleeping.  I reset the alarm for 7:30 and snoozed for another 20 minutes.  He slept until I got him at 8:15 to bring Sunshine to preschool.

Sunshine and Monkey fought like cats and dogs from the moment they woke up.  Sunshine antagonizing him and he yelling at her to stop.  What a fun way to start the day.  I can't wait for the summer!

Good morning everyone.  I love you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things that make you go hmmm...

I don't know about other people, but I tend to do a lot of my thinking in the places that aren't very helpful.  As in, I remember that I need to call someone when I'm in the shower.  I remember I need to buy something when I'm trying to fall asleep.  Of course there is also the other type of thinking I do.  The random, off the wall, letting your mind drift along into nonsense.  Well I was doing some nonsense thinking today in the shower (shower nonsense thinking can only be done when the hubby's home and I'm able to take a shower without fear of the kids either walking in on me or destroying something).  I started thinking about all the "things" that we have in our every day life that we assume that we "need".  Of course this leads me to the next thought of what pioneers would think of all of our "needs".  Then I thought that if I were to go back, what would I want to have there with me.  Deodorant?  No, everyone will smell.  Of course that got rid of any hygiene item.  Toilet paper?  Well I wash my kids' diapers and diaper wipes, I guess that's not too different, still yucky though.  Then I thought what about running water and toilets because the thought of running out in the snow and ice is definitely not pleasant.  Well, people used to use chamber pots and go in their rooms right?  Then it hit me.  My kid's potty seat, the cute little green potty seat with the flip top lid, was a cushioned chamber pot.  For those who may still be interested, I've decided that I'd wanted heating/ac.  You can do just about anything when you're warm, including washing your potty seat.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm sorry!

About 2 hours after Sunshine comes home from preschool, she informs me that today was "Show and Tell" day.  It was?  At the beginning of every month the teachers staple the calendar to the kids' bags so we know what's going on.  I don't have any recollection of taking the piece of paper off of the bag but it hasn't been on it for a while nor was it stuffed inside the bag.  I knew it was missing but just kind of blew it off.  I looked around and after 2 minutes, I found it in  the laundry room.  Sure enough, Friday, May 20 was Show and Tell.  I'm SO sorry baby!  I asked her if there were other kids who had forgotten their show and tell.  "No, everyone else had theirs, I was the only one who didn't have any."  She was very calm about it and they had her go into one of the other classrooms to pick something out.  I guess it was good enough because she said she was a little sad but it was ok.  I guess it's just another "terrible mommy" moment that will be in a long list of more terrible mommy moments.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New rules

We have all heard about the "rule" of wearing clean underwear "just in case you're in an accident and taken to the hospital, you don't want the doctors to see your nasty underwear".  Now this never really made too much sense to me.  If you're so injured that the doctors are the ones having to take off your underwear, I really don't think they'd care.  Honestly, I'm pretty sure they've seen far worse than someone's nasty dirty underwear.  This does NOT mean that you shouldn't change your underwear, just do it for your own hygiene.

Speaking of your own hygiene, that is something that we should rethink.  Now rather than just changing your underwear, taking a shower or maybe being a little aware of your odor is a good thing.  I've left the house in less than perfect order.  Every time I do, I always think that I had better drive the speed limit.  The last thing I want to have happen is be pulled over and have a policeman witness my lack of temporary hygiene.  So, I have 2 new rules that need to be considered:

1. Take a shower, wear clean clothes and apply deodorant OR
2. Drive the speed limit and be sure to follow all of the rules of the road.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can I help Mommy?

I love it!  Sunshine is 5 1/2 and is what most people would say is a stereotypical first child/girl.  She is constantly asking "Mommy, can I help?" "I can do that for you Mommy."  She's a little mother in the making.  If I'm not feeling well, "I'll sit with you Mommy, here's a cup of water to make you feel better."

Monkey on the other hand is quite concerned when I'm not feeling well.  He'll come over and rub my back if I say ouch my back.  Give me a kiss and ask me if I'm ok.  Helping?  No.  If I ask, "Would you like to help Mommy?" He replies, "No Sunshine do it."  Nice.  He is more than willing to do fun stuff like cooking brownies but putting stuff away is not the exciting helper job he's looking for.


I've decided that Peanut doesn't really fit my middle child.  I don't really have nicknames for my kids.  I've decided that my older son is now going to be Monkey.  How much easier it is to name a child on a blog than in real life!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

They say...

Have you ever wondered who "they" are?  I have and do quite regularly.  "They" tell us all sorts of things; how to take care of our bodies, our children, our house, dog, laundry.  "They" tell us what is going on in the world, hunger, pollution, global climate change.  "They" tell us about our economic situation, the value of just about everything that exists.  My favorite thing that I keep hearing "them" tell us:  Gas prices.  "They" say gas prices are going to go up to $5 by the end of the year.  Now "they" say it may drop $.50 in the next month.  How on earth can "they" predict something like that and yet not be able to control it?  The amount of knowledge that "they" have is amazing.  I have also noticed that the knowledge of the all knowing "they" has grown even more with the advances of the internet and the emails that spread like wildfires telling us all about what "they" say.  Sometimes these emails won't even use their real names, rather the emails will have written in it "They say if you do..."  It is truly amazing.  One day, when I grow up, I want to become a "they".