Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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He's bleeding!

My kids do NOT deal well with blood.  That statement really doesn't describe it though.  Sobbing will begin hours after a fall when the smallest of blood is discovered.  Instead of sympathy puking, they have sympathy tears over blood.  Band-aids are not quick fixes as they are for so many children (in fact for the longest time Sunshine cried when you attempted to put a Band-aid on her, but that's a different story).

So when Sunshine came running into the kitchen frantically yelling that Ryan was "bleeding from his ear", I probably wasn't as concerned as most moms would have been.  It was more of a "What?!" and I walked quickly into the family room.

Sure enough, there he was sitting on the couch with blood all over his ear.  My next reaction was probably more of an explanation as to why my kids freak out.  I ran over to Monkey (no longer calm or questioning), "Oh my God, what happened?"

Monkey starts crying.  Sunshine starts crying.  Bug starts crying (how dare I walk away from him).  Sunshine is repeating "That doesn't look right."  I'm pinning Monkey down to look at his ear and to see where the blood is coming from.  Sunshine then runs to get Hubby which causes him to run frantically into the room.  He figured it was an emergency from her "description".

What happened and why was he bleeding?  He decided to get the earwax out himself and had made a minute scratch on the curved part of his ear.  Apparently ears are included in the whole "head wounds bleed a lot" saying.  It took forever for the darn thing to stop bleeding.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's not about me anymore

It's been about 7 or 8 months since I had my last seizure.  It was different from what I usually have.  Usually I have no sense of anything about to go awry, I will simply come to, usually with someone (Hubby, paramedic) standing over me.  I'm also usually pretty emotional when they tell me.  I don't have much memory after I come around, as in I don't know my name, Hubby's, if paramedics are there they always ask what day of the week it is, not only do I not know what day it is, I can't think of any of the days.  If nothing else, it is a surreal, out of body experience.

About 7 or 8 months ago I had my last seizure.  This was completely different.  My girlfriend was coming over real quick for just a few minutes and I was running around.  I remember at the time thinking that things didn't feel quite right and I realized I hadn't taken my medication the night before.  Not understanding what the feeling was, I went downstairs and as I walked across the floor I had my seizure, falling down and smacking my head on the garbage can.  The last thing I remember was walking down the first half of the staircase and the next I was attempting to open my medicine bottle.  I wasn't able to open the darn child safe bottle and I wasn't able to focus on the bottle to see which one I had.  I looked over at Sunshine and she was staring at me with wide eyes.  I asked her if I fell down and she nodded.  I asked her if our neighbor had come over and she nodded.  I asked her why she didn't answer the door when she rang the bell and my poor baby broke down sobbing that she just wanted me to get up.  I sat on the floor for the longest time and just held her.   I told her that the medicine that she always sees me take is what keeps me safe and that I had forgotten to take it.  She asked and I answered all sorts of questions and we talked (again) about calling 911.

This was a pretty traumatic moment for her but I hadn't realized how much she held onto it on a regular, daily basis.

Today I saw one of Hubby's vitamins on the countertop that he had taken out but forgotten to take.  I picked it up and put it away and said something along the lines of "oops, Daddy forgot to take his vitamin."  She asked why he had to take them and I said he takes them just like she did only his are bigger and are for adults.  She asked what would happen if he didn't take them and I of course said that nothing would happen, it's just a vitamin but she shouldn't take any vitamins unless I give them to her.  She asked one more question then, she asked "If he doesn't take it, will he fall down?"

It broke my heart.  I hate that I caused her to see something so many people never will or want to see.  I have asked others who have seen my seizures and they aren't exactly G rated.  My poor Sunshine, some memories we wish they would remember and some memories we pray they will forget.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Reba Cord Designs Review

I recently received a little felted snowman from Reba Cord Designs.  About 8" high and incredibly sweet.  Lightweight enough to go on your Christmas tree, but large enough that you could hang it elsewhere in the house, it is a wonderful addition to my Christmas decor.  This little guy is hand embroidered along the edges with the scarf sewn against him.  Now some might not think this is a big thing or may not think of it at all, but me, I personally hate when my snowman's scarf sticks straight out and have been known to not take snowmen out of the box when I see this fashion faux pas.  The little scarf, hat and buttons are all sewn firmly on.  His little broom is wood, giving it that extra touch.

I keep thinking it would look adorable hanging from a door handle.  

Of course Bug would never allow it.

Reba Cord Designs also sells hair clips, jackets, and painted Christmas chairs.  To purchase an adorable felt snowman of your own, visit Reba Cord Designs on Etsy.

Yes I received this item to review, yes the opinions are my own.

ChiTAG fun!

The family and I went to the ChiTAG fair on Saturday and, OMG!!, it was sooo much fun.  It was much larger than I was expecting and the toys!  I saw toys and brands I have never even heard of.  New toys and their inventors.  The kids enjoyed trying everything and best of all, the exhibitors were telling you about their product.  If you were interested, they would then offer you information about buying it.  I never felt pressured by any of them.  I never felt as though I needed to make an excuse as to why I was walking away from a booth, even though my kid had just played with their product.  We will be going next year, no question about it!

Sunshine playing Pajaggle.  It was one of the first games we sat down at to really play.  I played a full game and watched her little brain work as she concentrated on the puzzle.

Monkey playing with CitiBlocs.  Similar concept to Lincoln Logs but you don't have to worry about where the little cut out notches are.  He made a nice round stack and knocked it down before anyone else could.

Bug playing with the drum at the Building Blocks area playing with the Plan Toy drum and ball sorter. Best of all the older 2 were playing with them as well.

There were so many things to see and do.  I am wondering what to decide on for Christmas and birthdays.  Next November seems so far away...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mmmm.. Steak

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Snak Saks Review and Discount ENDED!


I received a beautiful reusable sandwich bag from SnakSaks.  If you're like many people, you may have never heard of a reusable snack or sandwich bag.  The are exactly what they sound like but cuter!   A reusable bag that you can use for lunch, snacks, school, work, picnics or any other time.  I have already used it for our Cheerios and Hubby has said that yes he would even bring it to work.

A sandwich size 7x7 Sak has ample space to hold breads larger than a classic white bread sandwich.  Smaller snack sizes are 4x7.

 The inner is a waterproof nylon that will keep even the messiest of sandwiches from squishing out.   You can see how roomy the bag is, the 2 pieces of bread don't even fill the bag 1/2 way.  (I couldn't bear to put my stinky salami sandwich in there the first day).

Velcro is stitched through both layers of fabric for extra reinforcement.

 Adorable prints show off your own personality.

To wash your SnakSak, you can either wipe it out by hand or toss it in the washing machine.  

Visit SnakSaks on Etsy for your very own.
For 10% off the entire purchase enter coupon code blog2011 (coupon does not include shipping)
Coupon code is good until the end of the year.
Enjoy and happy Snak-ing.


I received this product to review, however, all opinions are my own.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter pet safety

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Monkey's business

Monkey is hilarious.  Not always a good thing as he thinks he can charm his way out of things.  But sometimes, he is just too funny.  It's not just what he says, but how he says it.  He still has such a little voice and has a knack with timing things that he is able to make things that might be considered annoying or just a regular statement by any other child, funny.  So, here is a running list of Monkey's Moments:

1.  Doing naughty things as in poking or pushing on you can be justified by the single statement of: "I wuv you."  This is not an apology, this is the reason why it is ok.

2.  Anything that he may like, usually food, he responds to the question "Do you like it?" with "Yes, I wuv it."

3.  Me: "Monkey, I don't want to see you doing..."  Monkey:  "Mommy, cwose yur eyes."

4.  Usually getting your attention will begin, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..." then the rest is often something simple like "yook at dis."

5.  He also thinks he is funny.  When he does something that he thinks is funny he'll say, "Is dat bunny? Dat's bunny."

6.  Although not as often as before, he'll correct you by saying, "No, no, no." He'll put his head down, looks up and shakes his finger at you.

7.  It's difficult to get Monkey's attention to say the least.  Often you end up say his name multiple times before he stops what he's doing and says, "What".

8.  Again, his lack of attention.  "Monkey, go do..." Nothing.  "Monkey, go do..."  Nothing.  "MONKEY, go do..." and finally, "Me?  Monkey?"  He has this surprised look on his face that he can't believe that you are talking to him.  Sometimes this is proceeded with a slight gasp.

9.  Monkey decided he wanted to give our cat a treat.  He was wandering around the downstairs with his hand crammed in the treat bag calling the cat.  I hate, hate, hate the way dog and cat food smells.  Me: "Monkey get your hand out of the treat bag." Him: "Why?"  Me: "It's stinky and I don't want to smell cat treat on you the rest of the day."  He shoves his nose right up to the bag and bring a handful up to his nose, "Dey don't smell, dey smell doooood."

10. Goggles.  Acceptable accessories for all areas of your life.  Including the bus stop.



We took Lily to obedience classes before the kids were born.  She was our baby and I wanted a well behaved dog inside and out.  I knew someday we would be having kids and she needed to know how to act.  Well she certainly was well behaved.  She always walked nicely on the leash, never straying more than half a step from your side.  She rarely barked at people walking past our door.  Although she had a weakness for cheese, she never took any food from anywhere or anyone.  Until the kids came.

In the very beginning cereal could be left on the floor overnight and she wouldn't touch it.  She gradually began to clean up stuff that had fallen off of the high chair and lick up Cheerios from the chair when they were spilled off of the tray.

And then... today... The kids had pieces of bread and were running around from her having her run with them and having a grand time.  All fun and games until the bread is eaten.  It happens to each of them (even though I tell them to eat at the table) before Sunshine finally decides that maybe Mommy knows something.  Then, while sitting AT THE TABLE, Lily takes food out of Sunshine's hand.  I was so mad.  Not just at Lily but at the kids too.  All that training so easily forgotten for a piece of bread.

*sigh* I guess we need to work on our training again.  I'll admit though, she's still an awesome dog.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puddle jumping

Blah, it's a rainy, gray day.  Blah.  Not too cold, but a nice day for cuddling up with some hot chocolate or hot cider and a book (cuddling with the computer isn't very appropriate).  It's also a school day which means walking Sunshine to the bus stop.  I suppose I could put the kids in the car but the car isn't in the garage right now so I'd still be standing in the rain to buckle the kids in.  Besides, I purposely bought Monkey and Sunshine rain boots and umbrellas just for this occasion.  Monkey was also lucky enough to have scored an awesome rain coat that goes all the way down to his knees.  I made sure they were dressed properly, wrapped Bug in my Moby, grabbed umbrellas and left for the bus stop.

We had got to the first puddle and they were both stomping around in it.  I was able to drag Sunshine away but as I walked away, Monkey started to cry.  What's wrong?!  I checked his shoes, his shoes have been known to come off when he walks (I don't know how).  They were still firmly on his feet.  I checked his rain coat, snapped firmly all the way down (you CAN NOT walk outside without having his coat closed).  So why the tears?

"Bug, what's wrong?"

"Der's more puddles!"

How on earth can you say "no" to a little boy who wants to jump in puddles?  I promised we would jump in puddles on the way home.

And jump in puddles we did!

Sunshine also wanted to puddle jump on the way home.


Monday, November 7, 2011

One pedal at a time

A week and a half ago the little girl two doors down learned to ride her bike.  It was so much fun, Sunshine and I were outside and I was helping her and as we watched, she started pedaling a little further each time.  Next thing we knew, she was riding her bike.

It wasn't a surprise then when Sunshine asked to have her training wheels taken off of her bike 2 days later.  She had them off during the summer but was either not ready or just frustrated.  When she cried that she wanted them back on I said fine, riding your bike isn't something that needs or should be an argument.  Well we took them off and this time I said this is it, I'm not going to keep taking them off and on.  I stood outside with her and tried to help her with the basics, pushing off, pedaling and not going super slow, look up, etc.  She was very frustrated and I was apparently at fault.  I left her alone with her bike and came back out every so often.  The progress was definitely slow but she was determined.

The next day, back outside she went.  Practice, practice, practice.  I went out again and was helping her.  The 2 little girls 2 doors down were also helping her.  Nothing is as sweet as an 8 and 6 year old trying to help a 5 year old ride a bike.  Patience and positive peer pressure are always on their side.  She was getting about 3 or 4 full pedals and then nothing.

The next day I promised her I would bring her bike with me when I went to the bus stop.  In the 3 houses from the stop to our house she figured it out.  All of a sudden everything just fell into line; she sat up straight, looked up, gave a big push and strong pedal and got that other foot up in time.  I saw her from behind and how she straightened her back.  It was so exciting, I was so proud and she was as well.  It's one of those moments that I'm happy I was able to witness.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

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