Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Spirit

Today Sunshine and I were emptying out her school bag, a task that will almost always produce something.  Today she had in her bag: her 'K' book - a book all about the letter K, a book fair pamphlet, and an order form for clothing with her school's logo on it.

I asked Sunshine, "Would you like a t-shirt with your school's name on it?"

Quickly and a little too forcefully, she responds, "NO."

Uh, no?  What kid doesn't want to have her school's name on it?  "You don't want a t-shirt with your school's name on it?"  Maybe she didn't understand me the first time or maybe she didn't think about it.

"No.  Why would I want that."  Note, that that was not a question, merely a statement.

"Well, sometimes during the school year they have school spirit week and kids might wear their t-shirts.  Do you want it?"  I can't believe I'm trying to force her to want something that everyone else has'.

"No.  I already have my own clothes.  I don't want it."

This doesn't seem right.  You're only 5, how can you not want something with your school logo on it?  Against what she says, I am going to go ahead and spend the $15 on a t-shirt for my kindergartner who doesn't even want it.  I'm hoping that they won't change the colors or logos when Monkey enters school.  I have a feeling she doesn't really understand what I'm talking about when she says she doesn't want one.  I mean, who doesn't want to dress exactly like everyone else in the school for 5 days during the year?


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