Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's just a day...

School has begun and we have the sickies.  Sunshine came home last week with a slight cold.  Nothing major but enough to breath all over the rest of her family.  After about 3 or 4 days she was fine, sniffles gone and coughing is over.

Yesterday she had ballet.  Now going to ballet is fun for her and she loves it.  Going to ballet for me is not so fun.  I have to sit in an extremely small sitting area with the boys, the other moms and any siblings.  Yesterday there happened to be 5 others ranging in age from 7 to 4 months.  Bug was happy to sit on my lap and watch what was going on.  This should have been a clue that there was something up.  Sitting on my lap usually means nursing or jumping.  It never, ever means sitting and leaning back on me.  I was enjoying it and didn't want to look into it too much.

This morning poor little Monkey and Bug woke up all congested and coughing.  I woke up so tired that I was almost falling asleep watching them.  I'm not even sure what time they woke up but it seemed extremely early.  So now I'm home with both boys who are not very considerate about germs, snot or spit.  As I sit here, Bug is sucking on his hand to later rub on my face.  This is the necessary second step of rubbing in the earlier coughs that he christened me with when he first woke up.  Monkey cuddled with me and sneezed a booger out, he promptly rubbed his hand across his nose smearing it along his cheek.  *Sigh* I just remembered that Monkey was sharing his fork with me the other day when we had the dead bunny incident.

I'm not sick.  Yet.  It's no wonder moms get sick and stay sick longer than the kids.


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