Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't poke the Mama Bear

Sunshine has been in kindergarten for 2 weeks now.  She left the first morning, stepping onto the big yellow bus with a grin and excitement for what could only be a wonderful experience.

She has been coming home telling me that she's had a good time at school.  She is meeting new friends, learning new things and having a great time.

Or so I thought.  
She also wears glasses for reading, something that we have her use mostly at school.  When I first asked her if she wore them at school she said yes, she had made sure she took them off when she was supposed to, put them on when she was supposed to and had been very careful with them although a couple of the kids said she looked different with them on.  I completely believed this, she had been wonderful at preschool about it and never needed reminding.  When I say her kindergarten teacher at a parent curriculum night, I asked her (just to be sure) and she confirmed, yes Sunshine has been very responsible, she has been very impressed with how well she has been doing with them.  A few days later I asked again and she told me that she had forgotten to put them on.  Well Sunshine, make sure you put them on.  I asked her again a few days later and she says no she hasn't been wearing them.  I'm beginning to think I know why she isn't wearing them.

I gently ask, "Sunshine, why aren't you wearing your glasses?"

Sunshine: "None of the other kids have to wear them."

I know this isn't true, one of the kids at her bus stop has to wear glasses.  When I tell her this, she answers in her new favorite answer, "Sooo... I just don't want to wear them."
"Sunshine, why don't you want to wear glasses?"

Her eyes fill up with tears and she begins to cry.  "Because some of the kids said I looked silly with them on."

Now it may hurt my feelings when someone says something rude to me, but I've never felt this kind of hurt in my life.  My heart broke as I watched my baby cry about feeling less than perfect I know she is.  I was so angry and sad and I felt myself begin to cry for her as I told her that she was beautiful with and without her glasses.

She curled up on my lap and continued to cry.  After a few minutes, she then proceeded to tell me that some of the boys were chasing me even though she kept asking them to stop.  She couldn't figure out why they were being mean to her and she again broke down crying.
I emailed her teacher and told her what Sunshine had told me.

I happened to be going up to the school to sign her up for Daisies and her teacher was still there.  She said she hadn't seen anything and was surprised because Sunshine was always so happy, she would keep an eye on her, she would have another talk with the kids about treating others nicely, and what to do if someone isn't being nice.  In a week, we would see how things were going and if it wasn't getting better she said she would want to see both me and Sunshine.

I felt a lot better about how the situation was going to be handled once I talked with her.  I do not feel better about the obnoxious child that hurt my baby's feelings.


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  1. I'm glad you didn't actually locate the kid and strangle him/her. Let's hope it was just a one-time thing and that the rest of the year is happy happy happy. :)