Friday, September 23, 2011

How much clothes do you really need?

Sunshine has been voluntarily wearing skirts and dresses.  Yay!  This isn't something that most moms of 5 year old girls have an issue with, but for me, I had to practically beg her to wear a dress.  This year though she has decided that she likes wearing them.  I went ahead and bought some tights, fun tights because let's face it, fun is fun and when else can you wear polka dot tights but when you're 5 years old.  Anyways, I digress.  Today she came home and went outside to play and wanted to go in the sandbox.  That's fine, but you have to take off the dress and put on something different.  After a little whining she goes upstairs to change her clothes.


Aaah here she is.  Ten minutes later she comes back down wearing the a black shirt and the same pair of black Halloween tights that she wore to school.  "I'm ready to go outside."

Uh, you need pants on.  So I tell her this and she asks why, these are clothes.  "It's kind of like wearing underwear, you need something over them."

"No they're not, I wore them today at the playground."

"Yes you did, but you had a dress covering up your tush."

"My tush is covered up.  You can't see it."

Ok, enough of the arguing, time to bring out the all-encompassing answer, "Because I said you had to wear pants.  Change your clothes or you don't get to go outside."

It got me wondering though; why were the tights unacceptable for outside?  They were thick, black tights with pumpkins on them and you couldn't see any underwear.  They had the typical tights stitching around the butt area but other than that they were covering just as much, if not more so than leggings.  I've seen some little girls wearing pastel leggings and dark underwear.  What were their moms thinking letting them leave the house with their dark underwear on under their light colored pants?  So it seems that the only differences are 1. they're tighter, 2. the stitching, and 3. the have feet (not always the case as I have seem footless tights).

I'm going to need some better answers before Sunshine enters pre-teen and teen years.  For the record, she did change her clothes.  She's outside now playing in the sand.


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