Monday, September 19, 2011

The rabbit died...

Last night my kids wanted to watch Star Trek.  Yes, my husband is making them Trekkies at a very young age.  We record it on our DVR and let them watch a random episode.  I'm always amazed at how kid-friendly the show is.  The characters may look strange, but they still are "people" looking, there is no killing, only stunning, and a ship will never explode, implode, or completely lose their air supply.  Anyways, they had been watching the show and left the TV on while we were eating dinner.  After dinner, Monkey goes into the family room to watch the end credits of the show and the next 2 minutes of whatever happens to come on next.  Unless it's on PBS, I usually turn a show off before they are able to watch the next 2 minutes and this is why...

I'd never seen or heard of the TV show "Hitch", but I will never forget one of their opening scenes.  Hubby was reaching behind the TV trying to fix something and Monkey was standing next to him.  The show starts with a cute little bunny standing on the side of the road.  Hippity-hop goes the bunny into the street.  Vroom goes the car.  Splat goes the bunny.  All you see is the tire of the car running over the rabbit.  It is so gross, you see the bunny flattened into a pancake with just some tufts of fur waving in the car's wake.

"What happened to the bunny?"  is Monkey's first question.

I attempt to be calm about this and to make him realize that it wasn't really a rabbit at all, even though it may look like it.  Explaining CGI to a 3 year old is not at all easy though.  "The bunny wasn't hurt.  It looked like it was didn't it?  That was just a pretend bunny that they use for movies."

Monkey, whose speech and word selection is still a little shaky, "Da car went..." Then he pushes his hand over the other like the car on the road.  "What happened to the bunny?  Is he dead?"

This continued for quite some time.  His little lip out and close to tears.  He came and sat on my lap and cuddled as we talked about how it wasn't a real rabbit, how they aren't allowed to hurt animals, and most things we see on TV are just pretend.  I don't think he understood or believed me.  It was so sad to see him so upset, yet Hubby and I couldn't help but smile at each other about it.  I know, it's mean, but it was funny.

I'm wondering how often he will talk about this and for how long.  He doesn't seem to hang onto things as long as Sunshine but then again he's never had a traumatic experience like this before.  ;)


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