Sunday, June 12, 2011

Such a tease

Bug is a tease!  Whatever the reason, he slept through the night one more night, on the fourth night he woke 3 times.  It's amazing how quickly you get used to sleeping through the night.  Now he's done it randomly here or there, but to do it 3 nights in a row, you truly begin that this may be it.  At 7 1/2 months people are usually more surprised than not when I tell them why I'm so tired.  They're kind enough to tell me that their little Johnny started sleeping through the night at 2 weeks of age.  Little Jenny was sleeping through the first night he came home from the hospital.

Then comes the advice from these same people.  I used to let Jimmy have cereal in a bottle in his crib when he was a month old.  *Sigh* I know they mean well, I appreciate the advice, but when you're excited about 3 nights in a row of 6 hours of sleep, sometimes well intentions aren't always what you want to hear.  We didn't have to high of expectations though, none of our kids slept through the night.

The good thing, he's been a champ about diaper changes.  No crying at every change.  A smiling baby who, until the last week or so, always held still.  Now, he's 7 1/2.  He rolls everywhere.  At least he's happy about it though!

Sunshine; before she got her nickname.  During one of her first diaper changes when we still thought it was cute.


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