Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bunky Fluff Review

Bunky Fluff diapers.  We love them!  I originally got just one of their pocket diapers.  Loved, loved, loved her pockets.  A wonderful fit with an adorable print and an affordable price.  What more could you ask for?  Maybe a diaper that is super absorbent?  It was super absorbent too!  A back open pocket is stuffed with a thick microfiber insert and a suedecloth inner liner feels nice against both of my boys bums.  This diaper has earned its place as an "out of the house" diaper.  A what?  I'm willing to have my kids wear this diaper in public places, not just around the house or for visiting.  I don't worry about putting a seat belt on with this either.  This is a privilege that is not easily obtained in my house.

As it was a custom, I was able to pick everything about it!  Absolutely amazing.  What's better, I had never ordered a custom before and Caroline walked me through the entire process.  Not only was I able to pick the fabric, I was able to pick if I wanted PUL on the outside or hidden and what color that PUL would be. Choice of colors of the inner lining fabric and snaps was also mine.  It was such a fun and stress-free experience.  She stayed in touch with me and responded to ALL of my emails, and there were many of them!

Look at those adorable bumblebees  and 2 toned snaps!  The insert is thicker than other inserts I have.

Once I fell in love with her pockets, I had to get another diaper!  I decided to venture out of the pocket into the AI2.  This AI2 has a snake style, snap in soaker and hidden PUL.  Two soakers with 4 layers of bamboo fleece, you are able to fold it over to get 8 layers of absorbency where ever you may need it.  Also super absorbent, I have never had a leak from this diaper.  With choice of inner and outer fabrics as well as those snaps, I was able to have a complete custom diaper.  Again, even with all of my questions, she still stayed stayed calm and replied to my emails quickly and in a timely manner.

Caroline is very professional with awesome customer service.  I love my Bunky Fluffs and can't wait to get more!

She is always adding to her fabric choices, to see these and past diapers, visit her Facebook page.

To see her store, you can either go through her Facebook page, or directly to her store at:

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