Monday, June 20, 2011

Lightening and thunder and rain, oh my!

At about 5:15 am I woke to a loud crash that shook the house quickly followed by poor Monkey screaming from his bedroom.  My poor little boy, terrified of storms, was also woken by the storm and was now petrified in his room.  Hubby, already downstairs and getting ready for work, was right behind me when I ran into his bedroom.  I found him hiding under his blanket and when I picked him up his whole body was shaking.  I asked if he would like to sleep in my bed and he squeaked out a small "yes".  Unlike Sunshine who crawls in bed with us quite frequently, Monkey has never attempted to sleep in our bed.

Hubby had brought his pillow and special dog into our bedroom and got him situated while I, eh -hem, visited the bathroom.  So there we were, snuggled in my bed.  Now there are all sorts of snuggling that you can do with your child.  Snuggling on the couch, where they lean against you.  Snuggling in bed with lots of space, each of you using your own pillow.  Then there's the snuggling we were doing; using half of my pillow, a quarter of my queen sized bed (with me about to fall off), and my arm wrapped around him.

I held him close until he slowly stopped shaking and finally seemed to relax.  Eventually he was only jumping from being startled by the thunder and no longer shaking.

We never did fall back asleep though.  At 6:30 we heard Bug start to fuss.  I had been concerned that he would wake up earlier and how would I handle leaving Monkey when he so obviously could not be left for 20 minutes while I nursed Bug.  Monkey must have calmed down enough that he said I need to go get baby Bug.

We decided that the 3 of us would go downstairs and hang out on the couch while I nursed and he could lay down.  I had hoped that he would fall asleep... 

It's a bonding time I suppose.


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