Monday, June 13, 2011

Bottling it up

What a fun age.  Bug is so fun right now, I wish I could bottle him up at 7 months for a couple of years.  I love that all it takes to make him smile is to just look at him smile, say his name and it's guaranteed.  To make him laugh, a funny noise will get a laugh that comes up from his toes.  He loves to cuddle and does that adorable back pat.  You know, I'll pat your back if you pat mine.

Every picture you take is genuine.  He will never purposely look away, give bunny ears or scowl because today he just doesn't want his picture taken.  Opinions of food are minimum, of course Bug is still only breast fed.  For him, every meal is a wonderful experience where he gets to snuggle with mommy.  Volume control is never an issue, he "talks" loud and people smile and think it's adorable.  His loud screech pterodactyl impression gets looks of surprise, but never people staring wondering why I have no control of my child.

Every day he grows a little more.  He gets a little bigger.  He gets closer to moving away from this period of his life.  I'm not sure when it happens, but one day you notice it.  He no long just smiles and laughs because he's alive and life is simple and good.  He will shy away from the camera and look the black metal thing in front of him as an amazing thing that should be laughed at.  He will have an opinion and the screeching will be a temper tantrum that fellow shoppers will look down upon even though he is still only a year or 2. 

How do I bottle this stage up?  How do I keep him this little and innocent?  I suppose if he were to stay at this age, I would never hear him say "Mommy, I love you".  He would never run to me with his arms open to give me a huge hug.  I suppose this age is fun, but the next one is too.


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