Friday, March 2, 2012

Hats, hats and more hats!

Monkey has the most animated voice of a 4 year old that I know.  His facial expressions are one of a kind.  He has a knack for getting the combination of the 2 in the best possible ways that make you laugh, even - or especially - when he's being naughty.  And now, you can apparently add story teller to his 'list'.

Monkey and Bug both have cute Monkey hats.  Monkey's happens to be one of those sock monkey hats with the long braids coming down from the side/ears.  They're cute, especially on a kid.  I'm not one who has enough self-confidence to be able to pull it off.

They other day, Monkey and I were sitting down and he asks me where was my monkey hat.  (After all, everyone must have a monkey hat.)  I told him I didn't have a monkey hat only he and Bug did.  This would be the part where is able to get this surprised/shocked look on his face along with a gasp of disbelief.  Of course he wanted to know why and I told him that I just didn't have one and that not everyone has monkey hats.

This is his reply:

"Mommy, Daddy and me and Sunshine are going to go to the dore and get you a monkey hat.  I will wap it up and hide it behind dis chair.  You will close yo'r eyes.  I will put the present on yo'r yap.  I will tell you to open it.  You will open it and you will be so surprised and you will say, 'Oh my doodness, a monkey hat!  I wuv it!"  And den you will put it on and you will have dese long thingies on the side like I do and you will pull your hat way down and it will keep yo'r ears nice and warm."

Now all that the story needs is a store that is still stocking hats.


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