Sunday, February 12, 2012

Did I really just do that?

I'm all congested, have watery eyes and am overall achy and uncomfortable.

I hate being sick.

I also hate when people say that.  Does anyone really like being sick?  It's like when people say they hate going to the dentist or they hospitals, doctors, needles...  I suppose there are those people that enjoy the sympathy and the attention a bit too much.  Ok, it is nice being taken care of, but not at the expense of being miserable.

Honestly, it drives me crazy though when people are always saying how much they the above mentioned yet I too am guilty of it.

Regardless, I hate it.  It's worse when you have kids too.  There are no days off.  I can't lie in bed feeling sorry for myself.  God forbid I attempt to lie on the couch.  Monkey loves to cuddle (which I love) but he is a couch and cover hog who talks often and loudly.  Sunshine will yell, I mean whisper loudly, that he needs to be quiet and it never fails that those are the days that Bug doesn't nap.  So 2 weeks ago when Hubby got sick, I felt bad for him, but was secretly hoping that I would stay my bright and cheery self.

Then it happened.

No, I didn't spontaneously get sick 4 days after him.

No, it really wasn't a big surprise.

For me anyways.  I'm sure Hubby was assuming that it would happen.  After all, I sleep right next to him and he breathes on me.

I'm pretty sure that's not why it happened though.

Last Monday, in my tired, groggy, let's just go to bed, state of mind, I used Hubby's toothbrush.

We both have similar toothbrushes.  Both are blue/blue and white but they are a different brand.  They are also kept in different cups on different sides of the sink.  The thought of using someone else's toothbrush really grosses me out.

Sure, I might kiss him - but I don't scrub his plaque off.

Then things got worse.  I must not have learned my lesson because on Thursday night I did the same, exact thing.  I realized halfway through the brushing that the brush didn't feel quite right.  I looked down and sure enough, there was my toothbrush, nice and dry.  Sitting in it's own dry cup on the right side of the sink.

When I woke up this morning congested, with watery eyes and all achy, I really have no one to blame but myself.  My next stop to the store will be one with me buying 2 new toothbrushes.  Two brushes, two colors.


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  1. I kinda like being sick. Just a little sick. Not pukey. But I like soup and having a LEGITIMATE excuse to not clean the house...