Monday, February 6, 2012

Watch out Cake Boss

Well it may not have been perfect, but I had so much fun decorating Sunshine's cake.  Monkey decided that he did NOT want a candy cake but wanted cupcakes.  I enjoyed making those as well but realized that I really needed 1. more practice 2. more tips for my frosting bag 3. more bags and most of all 4. more time!  I was working up until the morning of at noon and guests were coming at 3:00.  I was still wearing sweats, food needed to be prepared, the kids needed  to be dressed and I had a mess of dirty dishes overflowing my sink, counters, and sinks.  Then I had a table covered in powdered sugar.  I do mean covered, you could see some brown of the wood in places but in other places it was just a white mess.  I needed to sift the sugar and it continued fluff/fall out all over the place.

Wilton's Carousel Cake DIY design and frost it.  Next time I'll make sure I have a darker color.  I was pretty bummed about how light the color was.  Apparently using the yellow butter makes it impossible to make a lavender.  Instead you get a grayish color.  The royal icing turned out a nice pretty lavender but still lighter than I had wanted.  I like the peach color around the bottom.

Here are 13 of the 24 cupcakes the Monkey and I made.  Can you tell which are the ones he made?  I will definitely need more decorating bags though.

*So this isn't really a "recipe", I just like to brag!

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