Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Wow!  Global climate change is here.  Record highs this week.  It's 80° and we're wearing shorts and t-shirts during a time of year we would normally be wearing jeans and lightweight coats.  Sunshine asked if she and Monkey could play in the sprinkler when she got home from school.  I just couldn't tell her yes, if it were June, I might have said yes and she'd have been outside shivering but running around and coming back in after a few minutes.

But it's not June, it's March.  The hose is in the garage for the winter and the trees are still bare.  The tulips don't have buds yet but it's been so warm, I'm wondering when I should plant my little seedlings.  Sunshine, Monkey and I planted seedlings (marigolds, violas - that didn't take -, oregano, basil, tomatoes, and peas).  I (i.e. Hubby) have to pull out all of our stuff that is shoved in the far corner of the garage and play Tetras to get it and the cars to fit in there while still making everything accessible.  This means that I want to make sure that it is indeed "spring" and not the teaser that Illinois so often has.  I often wonder if this "teaser" is a phenomena that only northern Illinois is privy to.  If you are not familiar with our obnoxious, yet always predictable weather, this is how it generally happens:

March:  "It's been in the 60's!  Spring is here!  Hooray!"
Early April:  The temperature drops.  It has been known to have heavy snowfall during this time.  You curse at yourself for once again falling for Mother Nature's trick.  You also wonder why all of the Easter dresses out there are sleeveless and why you, once again, bought one without buying a sweater to go with it.
Late April:  It's been in the 70's - "Hooray!  Spring is here!"
Early - mid-May:  It continues to be warm.  80's are pretty common.  "It's summer!"  Kids begin to heavily bug you about going swimming.
Late May (aka Memorial Day weekend):  It rains.  Now this is not guaranteed.  Sometimes it is the first super hot day of the season.  If it is the latter, there will not be any hot days for quite a while.

I am looking forward to Spring and planting, I'm also ready for that cold blizzard that may also be on it's way.


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