Thursday, January 12, 2012

Making me proud

This is a warning:  To anyone who doesn't want to read about how awesome my child is, they may want to stop now!  Why you wouldn't want to read about this though is unknown and you may need to rethink the things that are truly important in life... namely, my kids!  :)  Happy reading, I hope everyone has a chance to love someone as much as I love all of my children.

Sunshine is in Daisies and I am the co-leader.  I remember being the leader's daughter growing up and as the leader's daughter I was expected to behave better than the other girls, after all, if I acted like this in front of my mother, how was I when she wasn't there?  Anyways, there are 14 little girls in the troop.  They are all in kindergarten and range from age 5-6.  We meet in the gymnasium after school and they are LOUD.  It's amazing the volume that they are able to produce.

After our last meeting, I spoke to Sunshine about being good and setting a good example for the other kids.  Of course she asked why the other kids weren't being good and I said that that wasn't the point.  I couldn't really say that it was because I couldn't yell at them and put them in the corner for the rest of the night, that didn't really sound fair.  She listened seemed to understand and agree and we left it at that.

At our last meeting we also talked about having a toy drive.  The girls were supposed to bring in a gently used toy of theirs that they no longer played with that would be given to a family in need.  The leader told the girls that if they didn't want to part with one of their own toys, they could go out and buy a toy.  I looked at it as an excellent way to empty out at least one toy from our ever growing toy bins and to teach her all about giving.  On the way home she said that she knew what toy she wanted to give.  I was a little surprised that she knew already and figured it was some little toy that was either falling apart or was her brother's.  I asked her what it was and she told me (in a very excited voice too), "We can give away my doll!"  What doll?  She has a few but doesn't really play with any of them.
So I ask her "What doll?"
"My Barbie doll!"
That really cool Barbie that has a dress that lights up and spins around?  NO NOT THAT ONE!!!
"Which Barbie doll?"
"The one with the light up dress!  I don't really play with it so maybe another little girl would like it."
How can I argue with that?

Fast forward to yesterday to our next meeting...

I hadn't talked to her about the toy drive since December and was concerned about giving the Barbie away.  I brought it with and figured I'd deal with any tears or an upset child when I got there.  I gave her the Barbie and told her to give it to the leader for the toy drive.  Without batting an eye, she handed it over.  Later she told me that she was happy she gave the toy away but she would miss it.

She also must have remembered the talk we had back in December.  Sure enough, every time I looked over at her she was calm and very sweet.  The other children may have been running around but not Sunshine, when I told everyone to sit in a circle, she was the first to do so.  Later she made sure she pointed it out, just in case I hadn't noticed it.



  1. That's beautiful. You're doing something right, Mama.

    1. Thanks, I hang onto these moments and try to keep that thought in mind during the rough days.

  2. Wait. The dress spun around?!? That does sound pretty cool.