Friday, November 11, 2011


We took Lily to obedience classes before the kids were born.  She was our baby and I wanted a well behaved dog inside and out.  I knew someday we would be having kids and she needed to know how to act.  Well she certainly was well behaved.  She always walked nicely on the leash, never straying more than half a step from your side.  She rarely barked at people walking past our door.  Although she had a weakness for cheese, she never took any food from anywhere or anyone.  Until the kids came.

In the very beginning cereal could be left on the floor overnight and she wouldn't touch it.  She gradually began to clean up stuff that had fallen off of the high chair and lick up Cheerios from the chair when they were spilled off of the tray.

And then... today... The kids had pieces of bread and were running around from her having her run with them and having a grand time.  All fun and games until the bread is eaten.  It happens to each of them (even though I tell them to eat at the table) before Sunshine finally decides that maybe Mommy knows something.  Then, while sitting AT THE TABLE, Lily takes food out of Sunshine's hand.  I was so mad.  Not just at Lily but at the kids too.  All that training so easily forgotten for a piece of bread.

*sigh* I guess we need to work on our training again.  I'll admit though, she's still an awesome dog.


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