Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puddle jumping

Blah, it's a rainy, gray day.  Blah.  Not too cold, but a nice day for cuddling up with some hot chocolate or hot cider and a book (cuddling with the computer isn't very appropriate).  It's also a school day which means walking Sunshine to the bus stop.  I suppose I could put the kids in the car but the car isn't in the garage right now so I'd still be standing in the rain to buckle the kids in.  Besides, I purposely bought Monkey and Sunshine rain boots and umbrellas just for this occasion.  Monkey was also lucky enough to have scored an awesome rain coat that goes all the way down to his knees.  I made sure they were dressed properly, wrapped Bug in my Moby, grabbed umbrellas and left for the bus stop.

We had got to the first puddle and they were both stomping around in it.  I was able to drag Sunshine away but as I walked away, Monkey started to cry.  What's wrong?!  I checked his shoes, his shoes have been known to come off when he walks (I don't know how).  They were still firmly on his feet.  I checked his rain coat, snapped firmly all the way down (you CAN NOT walk outside without having his coat closed).  So why the tears?

"Bug, what's wrong?"

"Der's more puddles!"

How on earth can you say "no" to a little boy who wants to jump in puddles?  I promised we would jump in puddles on the way home.

And jump in puddles we did!

Sunshine also wanted to puddle jump on the way home.


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  1. We love puddle walks. Haven't gone on one in a while, though... :(