Friday, November 11, 2011

Monkey's business

Monkey is hilarious.  Not always a good thing as he thinks he can charm his way out of things.  But sometimes, he is just too funny.  It's not just what he says, but how he says it.  He still has such a little voice and has a knack with timing things that he is able to make things that might be considered annoying or just a regular statement by any other child, funny.  So, here is a running list of Monkey's Moments:

1.  Doing naughty things as in poking or pushing on you can be justified by the single statement of: "I wuv you."  This is not an apology, this is the reason why it is ok.

2.  Anything that he may like, usually food, he responds to the question "Do you like it?" with "Yes, I wuv it."

3.  Me: "Monkey, I don't want to see you doing..."  Monkey:  "Mommy, cwose yur eyes."

4.  Usually getting your attention will begin, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..." then the rest is often something simple like "yook at dis."

5.  He also thinks he is funny.  When he does something that he thinks is funny he'll say, "Is dat bunny? Dat's bunny."

6.  Although not as often as before, he'll correct you by saying, "No, no, no." He'll put his head down, looks up and shakes his finger at you.

7.  It's difficult to get Monkey's attention to say the least.  Often you end up say his name multiple times before he stops what he's doing and says, "What".

8.  Again, his lack of attention.  "Monkey, go do..." Nothing.  "Monkey, go do..."  Nothing.  "MONKEY, go do..." and finally, "Me?  Monkey?"  He has this surprised look on his face that he can't believe that you are talking to him.  Sometimes this is proceeded with a slight gasp.

9.  Monkey decided he wanted to give our cat a treat.  He was wandering around the downstairs with his hand crammed in the treat bag calling the cat.  I hate, hate, hate the way dog and cat food smells.  Me: "Monkey get your hand out of the treat bag." Him: "Why?"  Me: "It's stinky and I don't want to smell cat treat on you the rest of the day."  He shoves his nose right up to the bag and bring a handful up to his nose, "Dey don't smell, dey smell doooood."

10. Goggles.  Acceptable accessories for all areas of your life.  Including the bus stop.


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