Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good karma

How often do we do things for people?  Nice things, no strings attached, I'm-doing-this-just-because-I-want-to things.  Have you ever experienced the gratitude from someone when you've done something nice for them, just for the sake of being nice, how truly thankful someone is when they are sometimes just being nice?

Sometimes giving can come in the easiest and simplest forms.

I've handed people my coupons at the grocery store before (usually for formula or diapers) but what I experienced the other day at Target cannot be compared to the piddly $2 off swim diapers coupons.

I was at Target the other day and was standing in line, listening to the beep. beep. beep. of the checkout scanners.  I was just about to pay when the lady behind me said she had a coupon I could use, it was $10 off if you spent $100 or more.  She pulls out her smart phone and has an app with coupons on it.  The checker scans it and I thank her about 3+ times.  Then she says, hang on, I've got a couple more.

She continues to show him more and more coupons until she has suddenly saved me $23.  I thank my new best friend another dozen times and wish her a Happy Easter.

I left Target with a smile and a reminder of how easy it is to make someone feel good and what a wonderful feeling it is.  Bringing happiness to others will bring happiness to you.



  1. What a blessing! I think I need to start uploading apps for my favorite stores, too. All the ladies in line at Joanns were doing the same thing the other day - pulling up the online coupons and saving 50% on some items. Much better than cutting them out of mailers if you ask me. ;) Maybe online coupons are something that I CAN do!

  2. I always get to the check out line at Joanns and they ask if I have any coupons and I know I have some. At home. On the counter next to where my purse had been.