Monday, March 25, 2013

Is it a lie or a very detailed story?

Monkey has a wild imagination and has always been willing to tell you stories in extreme detail.  He has always been able to tell you some wild story and 2 hours later tell someone else the same story with the same details.  He never seems to forget how the story went the first time and if you ask him the same question each time, he'll have the same answer.

Some day Monkey will be a teenager and this skill has me very concerned.

This is Monkey's story:

I was taking a shower, Bug was napping, and Monkey and Sunshine were watching TV.  I took a fast shower because all sorts of things can happen when you're in the shower.

I got out of the shower and heard Bug awake, the older 2 were in there keeping him company.  I can only assume that me walking around or the shower itself woke him up.  Either way, he was awake and his siblings were keeping him happy.  What a great brother and sister!

Then I heard squeals and screeches of laughter, thuds on the floor, the bouncing/squeaking of Bug's bed, and the clunk of the gliding chair banging against the wall.  This is obviously not good so I dress as quickly as possible and go in there to assess the damage.

Sure enough, it's not pretty.

Every single book and stuffed animal from his shelf is strewn across the floor.  There are no blankets, toys or pillows in Bug's bed and he's standing there in his crib wearing only his diaper and Sunshine is flinging herself back and forth on the chair making little dents on the wall.

"What's going on in here?!  Who threw these books and toys all over the floor?"

Sunshine sees me and immediately stops rocking and quickly blurts out, "It wasn't me!  Monkey did it!"

I look at Monkey, not completely believing Sunshine.  I'm pretty sure she's had something to do with it as well, but then I get this;

"Bug did it."

"Bug did it?"  Now, please remember, Bug is still in his crib (naked save his diaper).

"Yes, Bug did it."

"So after he climbed out of his bed, he crawled back in?  How did he do this?"

"WELL... He climbed up on the side of his crib and stood on this thingy (the bar for the side of the crib).  THEN, he jumped and grabbed hold of the fan (ceiling fan) and swung around the room and landed on this (a little bitty nightstand).  Then, he jumped onto the floor, walked over to the bookshelf and took everything off the shelf and threw it around the room.  THEN, he climbed back into his crib."

Now I ask you, is this an elaborate lie or a storyteller in the making?

He may look sweet and innocent sleeping there, too bad he wasn't sleeping.  He saw me with the camera and asked me to take his picture.  "Wait, wait, wait," he said.  He closes his eyes for the above, "Ok, now."



  1. Wow, you're right, that's an incredibly detailed story!

  2. I LOVE the ceiling fan part! That is GREAT!

  3. The best part is he retold the story and it didn't change. He even had hand motions.